Sad Girl Poem by Julie A Smith

Sad Girl

The sadness lingers
like a gloomy day
with dreary forlorn skies,
bitter rains,
and melancholy tones.
The girl’s heart is burdened
with her financial woes,
endless car saga,
and rejection wounds
that blister over
and refuse to heal
in spite of the girl’s best efforts
and repeated prayers to the Lord.
Some of the girl’s wounds run deep
from childhood
and her wounded heart
needs to find
full peace and healing
in order to not end up jaded
and to not give up
on romantic love or faithful friends.

Sadness adorns the girl’s heart
with the recent loss of her Grandpa,
and at times finding the words seemed hard.
She wishes that her family was not so fragmented.
The girl longs for sweet and tender cohesion in her family,
and she desires to eventually be blessed with
a marriage that will withstand all trials and tribulations.

The sadness unmercilessly etches
the girl’s heart
when she thinks of Boston
and the recent tragedy there
at the Marathon
where a horrific scene,
loss of life and limb,
and the foundation of security was
Shaken to the core
in her country yet again.

The girl longs for the sweet touch of peace
by the hand of her God
and for a ray of sunshine
to illuminate the darkness.
She seeks an end to the storm
and to find the relaxing safe pastures
that she loves to read about
in one of her favorite Psalms.

D. Smart 24 May 2013

You speak the way i feel most every day. The ignorance of most people who have children, yet have no clue what to do with them...and the insidious social lies perpetrated in the name of keeping facetelling the child she deserves her misery for burdening them all with her existance...when she is already wise enough to see through every lie, and unfortunately for her as well as them, she sees through their phony masks as if they weren't even there...The little boy in the story; The Emperors New Clothes...I didn't know how to play by the worlds games any more than he did. At 50, I still don't know how, nor do i care to. Even if it means never fitting in the world or being accepted by it. Why would I want to? Pretending doesn't work for me either. Thank you for putting your heart out here to share with others who truly understand everything you write...experiences may differ greatly, but we know that the pain of living is reality...I have been alone in this, so to read your words makes me feel less alone. God Bless you, and may you find the peace you seek before we have to go.

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