Social Justice Girl Poem by Julie A Smith

Social Justice Girl

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She is passionate about
fairness and equality.
Justice is not just a store,
but rather a progressive and important social concept.
Rosa Parks and Mother Teresa
are role models who inspire her.

She likes how February is
Black History month
and March is
Women's History month,
but yet she still ponders
how women have only had
the right to vote
since 1920 in America.
Not even 100 years
have passed
and there has never been
a woman President.
She doubts some men
would ever vote
for a woman President
and that makes her sad.

She likes when women
do not hit the glass ceiling
and instead rise
to positions of leadership.
She thinks pay inequality
based on gender
is grossly unfair.
She ponders how can men still be
paid vastly more
for the exact same job as a woman
in a progressive society?

She is a social justice girl.

Poet's note: This poem is inspired by my numerous social justice friends, as well as by my own social jutice thoughts. One of my friends, Ana, is deceased, but she was the epitome of the social justice girl. I will always miss her.
Sylvaonyema Uba 06 February 2017

An attempt on feminism. Nice poem! Sylva.

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 26 February 2013

still there are inequalities! British women got the voting rights in 1948 one year after Indian women. It is quite surprising why Americans have not chosen a woman President though UK, Germany, Australia and a few other developed and developing countries including India have their experience with the female premier. I think that the pioneer genes of the immigrant Europeans still dominant in the modern day Americans! Julie! it is interesting to read this poem!

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Gajanan Mishra 26 February 2013

Equality. all are equal in the eyes of law and God. Truth is one and same always. I like it. thanks. I invite you to read my poems and comment.

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