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The hopeful girl stares down at the blank page

and ponders the fresh promise of a new year.

She is passionate about
fairness and equality.
Justice is not just a store,
but rather a progressive and important social concept.

The boy
no one notices
because he
will not cause a scene

I walk alone.
Sometimes the day is sunny.
Sometimes the day is cloudy.

She is searching for
a beautiful flow.
Two a.m.
and she feels inspired

The shy girl smiles.
She ponders and does muse
why when it comes to love
she always seems to lose.

touching the ground.
The weeping willow branch

Feeling forlorn
and forsaken.
Love is

The sadness lingers
like a gloomy day
with dreary forlorn skies,
bitter rains,

She presses repeat again
as another day feels exactly the same.
The same tasks, the same thing.
Boredom and monotony.

He calmly glides over the waters.
Serene. Picturesque. Harmonious.
He loves the water.
It is his playground.

A new year full of promise and secret dreams.
A new year, a fresh start, and hidden deep waters.
The dazzle of potential is blinding.
The beauty of a clean slate

Just heard a song on the radio
a girl singing about a boy
who is not less than perfect.


Ambiguously messy.

Tender Heart.
Bashful Heart.
Healing Heart.
Sensitive Heart.

The little old man
with a crooked back
and a kind yet wistful smile
gazes out at the shimmering ocean

Future calling.
Future dawning.
Future promises in the wind.

Museful pondering.
Hopes peak and blossom



Salted Caramel Mocha at Starbucks.
Gorgeous hues of reds and golds of the fall leaves.
A crispness in the air.
Perfect temperatures.

Julie A Smith Biography

I am a new fan of the poet Pablo Neruda, and an internet search for his poetry led me to poemhunter.com. I have always enjoyed both creative writing and inspirational writing. I am currently re-embracing my poetic side. My poetic bent leans to poems about love, rejection, heartache, and feelings of being constantly overlooked. I also enjoy writing about faith, hope, and God. I believe in love even though I have not been very successful at it. I am a modern poet with an old-school flavor. I embrace words such as “thus” and “ado” and “lament.” Medieval times, the world of knights, castles, and chivalry have a mystical allure to me, and a piece of my heart may forever remain in Scotland. What else? I am a Christian, and that faith foundation greatly influences my poetry. My gender also is influential in my writings, as well as my Sociological and Counseling background. Personality-wise, I am a sensitive and tender-hearted individual. I was extremely shy as a child, but now I am a friendly and people-oriented woman who occassionally needs alone time to unwind, ponder, and be introspective.

I am currently experimenting with different poetic styles. I enjoy free verse and utilize that style more often than rhyming poetry. I like to tell a story in my poetry or deal with matters of the heart. I also enjoy utilizing personification and repetition of keywords. While grammar is unfortunately not my forte, I want to clarify that in a few of my poems I have purposefully utilized more informal expressions or slang terms heard in popular society, such as gotta. I want to broaden my poetic range and have my poetry be more universal, inclusive, and relevant.

I have recently been pondering about taking a creative writing class in poetry or fiction writing, and I have searched online and looked at numerous college courses and writing programs. It would be beneficial to receive more training and instruction in order to further develop my writing.

The Best Poem Of Julie A Smith

Hopeful Girl

The hopeful girl stares down at the blank page

and ponders the fresh promise of a new year.

Sometimes, like a bird, she needs to soar out of her cage,

and stop being afraid of the unknown fear.

The hopeful girl jots down some poetry

as she ponders her resolutions of the new year.

She wants to embrace life, love, and be free,

and desires lasting love to draw near.

The hopeful girl seeks fresh dreams,

passion, purpose, love, faith, and renewal.

Seeking the tarnish to rub off of her hurt and scarred seams,

her hidden desire is to shine like a beautiful, pure jewel.

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Julie A Smith Popularity

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