! Saint Nicholas Of Cusa On The Face Of God Poem by Michael Shepherd

! Saint Nicholas Of Cusa On The Face Of God

Rating: 2.6

In thy dear image and thy likeness, Lord,
are we as human made, your servant tells;
how then to know ourselves, in this new sight,
and where to look, to see our godly selves?

For I believe all nature is thy face -
thy natural, thy Absolute, true light;
and art, too, is thy face - by thy art seen;
and knowing - of all that which may be known;

and thus the man who sees thee face to face
may see all things, and know all things; have - All:
but - how to see thee? How to pray, to ask?
And ask for what, since thou art All in All?

How to pray thou giv'st thyself to me?
'Be thine own self, and I will be in thee...'

Christine Magee 29 March 2005

This is superb, MIchael. I'm adding it to my favourites. Chrissie

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kenneth william snow 28 March 2005

Excellent poem Michael...brilliant! Kenneth

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Sandra Osborne 28 March 2005

This reminded me of many classical poems. Excellent effort. God does do very, very good work.

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Michael Shepherd

Michael Shepherd

Marton, Lancashire
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