Salesman Of Usa Poem by Chan Mongol

Salesman Of Usa

Poem by Chan Mongol
June 20 of 2020

I can think better than CIA does as a free man to speculate;
Many countries are lieutenants to follow up any of CIA mandate.

Serious things been happening but you are still whimsical;
What was the secret purpose of Trump of sudden India travel?

Following the visit of Trump with Modi, the Chinese Neighbor;
Orchestration of worst fear in the history, corona virus bio war!

Corona virus is leaving from India due to Chinese border war;
Virus was brought to insult China in Trump and Modi whisper.

Hilary Clinton flew to Iraq before they put rope around Saddam's neck?
Why Trump flew to India before insulting China for Corona virus outbreak?

Chinook and Apache flying machines are killer tanks in sky;
Game was masterminded to sell virus bio weapon and saucers to fly.

Somebody is a salesman to sell dangerous weapon;
Patriotism is a bullshit but the man is a US salesman.

The man was petted and was bribed big to make a deal;
He was given few jars of corona virus to start the virus drill.

Worldwide, people suspect Americans at sight but not an Indian as danger;
That was the strategy to spread pneumonia virus, the biological warfare.

Boys are dying in hypnotic influence of patriotism of gangsters;
Governments as gangsters own countries, citizens and soldiers.

P.M Modi was a tea boy and sold tea in the street, in India'a slum area as a street guy;
Because of Modi-like fraud patriots, voters of India still suffer and untimely die.

With his talkative voices as a narrow, nasty, nationalist street vendor;
P.M Modi, the salesman been using his low profiled IQ to cause riot and terror.

Sunday, June 21, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: political,war
Chan Mongol

Chan Mongol

East Bengal (Bangladesh)
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