Sand Castles Poem by Uche Nwanze

Sand Castles

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Their boisterous cheers make our hearts sing for joy. Even their beautiful tears will tear down Heaven's door.
Blessed are we with their flawless smiles, no grudge in their innocent hearts.
Delicate and naive hands toil and soil in the mud. With sheer industry they build sand castles like the Eiffel tower. Priceless pears bestowed upon us by Mother Nature.
Beautiful voices in a symphony, they chant under the blue sky. In euphoria they bask under the cover of the ageless sun, they bathe in ecstasy as the sky shed tear drops.
The world a save heaven if we could put on the apparel of a child.
In the abundance of her innocence, they hold their hands together.
In their puerile cries, attention they seek.
Countless nights, she goes hungry to bed not knowing where the next meal will come from.
Helpless, left out in the cold, who will drive away her cold. Scorching sun eats up her soft skin, who will give her shelter.
Hopeless, fiendish whips tears his skin, he has to bid his master's bidding.
Blameless, he didn't ask to be brought into this accursed world, chalkand paper wishful thinking for him.
Merciless, he violates her sacrosanct shrine, her holy of hollies stained in rivers of blood. Who will protect her from his clutches.
Who will save them from their demons.

Sand Castles
Children are priceless gifts from God, their innocence is flawless. Thousands are vulnerable, they are abused, tortured, bruised. Sexual slavery, child labour, child trafficking, hunger and starvation, disease, lack of education are some of the demons they fight against every day.
Shaun Cronick 01 June 2020

I was in the neighbourhood Uche and gave your fine poem another 10. Take care good sir and thanks again

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Uche Nwanze 01 June 2020

Thank you Sir for your kind words and support

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Shaun Cronick 31 May 2020

Great poem Uche so well written and so beautifully presented. A thought provoking and powerful message to make any reader stop and think, and hopefully choose to make a difference in life by helping needy and desperate others. 10++ and added to my I do choose give a favourites. Take care good Uche and may God Bless and Keep you sir.

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Uche Nwanze 30 May 2020

Thanks for your candid comments.

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