Save Ukraine As War Is Disastrous Poem by Bernedita Rosinha Pinto

Save Ukraine As War Is Disastrous

Make no mistakes about war, as...

War takes away a country's peace
war causes injuries and loss of lives;
war imposes destruction and debris;
war effects devastation and deaths;
war inflicts fatalities and wounds.

War invokes crimes and terror with its actions;
war destroys towns and cities
war wrings out the stability and harmony of a country;
war metes out disagreements and hostility
war forces countries to fight with each other.

War makes one country pine for victory
war makes the other country to defend its territory;
war makes people suffer economic crisis
war makes people feel a sense of insecurity;
war evokes fear, distress and anxiety.

War makes people abandon their homes and flee;
war compels people panic and to run for safety
war creates refugees and migrants suddenly;
war makes explosions and destroys cities
war makes streets look so sad and gloomy.

War makes soldiers to keep advancing and shooting
war makes bombs to keep falling
war spares no gender or children
war makes young and elderly feel agonized
war makes widows and orphans.

War makes soldiers to shoot and fight
war makes innocent people to die;
war makes other countries anxious
war the terror, the horror, the crime
war the beginning of injustice and end of peace.

Save Ukraine As War Is Disastrous
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