Scary Christmas Poem by Donald R Wolff JR

Scary Christmas

They came before Christmas
Beneath the luminous moonlight
Their stories were told
On Halloween night

From the Earth of their home
Where they rested their heads
The singing of carols
Was disturbing the dead

Up from the ground
Then into the night
Arose the ghosts of the past
A frightening sight

The children all ran
To hide in their beds
Holding, tight to the bed sheets
Covering their heads

And still one had wondered
One child without fear
She opened the door
To see who was knocking out there

Her mother had gasped
As Father held tight
Behind the skirt of dear mother
Before the figures in sight

They came in great numbers
Their reason unclear
They came without warning
To give them a scare

Yet the young heart was laughing
As she reached out with tears
For Uncle Ned and the family
Once again are all here

Soon the town people
All slowly emerged
They open their doorways
To see what they heard

There was laughter and joy
In the town's village square
And all sang out loudly
As though no one cared

The dead and the living
Once again all unite
A Merry Scary Christmas to all
And to all, Sleepless Night


Scary Christmas
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