School Time Poem by jibin joseph

School Time

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My teacher asks me to study
Get up early every morning
Time table for each day
Plan your things as it says

As my school reopened
New books and a clean slate
Books covered and labeled
White cloth and chalk for the slate

How neatly I wrote my name
Drew a picture in the front page
Wanted it to remain the same
Never teared a single page

I was studious had an aim
Colourful marks I scored in test
With friends we played few games
In every game we were the best

Then as the days go by
Started to tear pages from the books
Then said the books a brief bye bye
Dog ears in all my books

Pages used for a million other things
Paper rockets to fly at friends
Wrote the names on their wings
Painted red at the rocket ends

Played in water on rainy days
Plastic shoes and pink raincoats
Prayed for fever on test days
In water sailed paper boats

Now its time for the big exams
No more playgrounds and fun days
Back to books to clear exams
Once again early rise each day


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Bobby 13 November 2017

Nice bro bro nice bro bro nice bri bro

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June30 Tara 10 January 2007

I really loved this poem.... The paper rockets, getting wet in rain, praying for fever & those lovely fun days.... now its no more there...really missing school time Great write da.... love....Ammu

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

cochin, kerala state, india
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