Coffin Of Gold Poem by jibin joseph

Coffin Of Gold

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All around its greed
More more more I need
If I have one I need more
I am not satisfied anymore

Not in my dream, I would share
Greed overtook me and I stopped to care
I am no longer satisfied with anything
Feel like owning everything

All the money in the world
Still greed tells me more and more
Where I will bury all these wealth
I have lost myself that’s the truth

Help me …to me they plead
Greedy I am to see them plead
What will I do with all these money?
Still more more more I need

Maybe I will have a coffin of gold
Stacked inside with paper money
Where will I take these after I die?
With open arms and in coffin I lie

No more can I hold anything
The truth to leave behind everything
Still I am filled with greed
More more more I need

Asma Bahrainwala 04 January 2007

this is essentially the condition of modern man...overambitious, greedy, materialistic...we forget that the shroud has no pockets sewn on top! ! ! nice write, Jibin... Asma...

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Pradnya P 17 March 2010

hi jibin, this poem is true mirror of todays life nicely written pradnya

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Raghavan Warrier 16 January 2007

The cycle of need-greed-feed is addictive and ultimately becomes the sole goal in itself. This is true of drug addicts too.

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Kavita Bhat 07 January 2007

hiiee.. its so very true....i m sure even u'll agree that....all that u've written is actully the way all of us are.... nice poem.

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Prasanna Kumari 07 January 2007

very beautiful poem with a good message and the smooth flow of words make it more powerful also...

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Mary Jinu 04 January 2007

apt poem for the present generation.u' ve depicted the pathetic condition of man...who is never ever satisfied..who always want more...more..and more... nice poem jinu...

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

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