You, My Superstar Poem by jibin joseph

You, My Superstar

Rating: 5.0

before i met u i was known mearly by my name
after i met you i am known as the happiest soul
you are my inspiration, you are my teacher
you are my angel, you are my superstar
and what more should i say....................
even the thought of you, my heart jumps with joy

June30 Tara 19 December 2006

The feeling are so pure.....close to the heart.... Keep writing.......Ammu

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John Tiong Chunghoo 19 December 2006

it is always good to have a superstar in life. keep u busy. a model to emulate.

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Kavita Bhat 04 January 2007

hiee, a sweet little poem which reminds me of my superstar [ ;) ]

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Peter A. Crowther 31 December 2006

Great poem - leaves the reader guessing a little bit just as a good poem should. I can see why it has got 10 X 10 so far!

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Raghavan Warrier 26 December 2006

Whoever may be your superstar, your poem is well written. Short and sweet.

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Shivapriya Surve 20 December 2006

Hi! Lovely write! The vibrance and innocence of this poem is quite heartening!

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Lipstick Casanova 20 December 2006

Another short but sweet poem. It sounds like you're the talk of the town Mister Happy Soul. Everyone should have such a wonderful creature around them. -L.C.

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

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