Unconditional Love Poem by jibin joseph

Unconditional Love

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Whats our relationship you ask
I don’t know you speak
What am I to say
Just that as you said
Words are really few
You are my friend
Better than the best friend
To whom I can say anything
Talk almost everything
You make me feel happy
You are my sweet friend
You are my inspiration
You are my conscience
My philosopher, my teacher
My guide, my lucky star
Star you are
The brightest one
Star anyone would wish upon
My guiding light
What more should I say
You would ask me
To stop these lines
These are mere
Juggle with words
What more can I say
We have known for ages
Now you ask me
What am I to you
You are all the things that shines
All the things that make me smile
Not a moment will pass
Without you in my mind
When I am happy
You the first one I share
When I am sad
You are the one who cares
I feel like sharing my memories
My past, my present, my future
Thought of ever loosing you
Fill my eyes with tears
You will tell me to stop
You ll tell “ you play with words’’
What do I say, I swear
These are not my words
These are my thoughts my feelings
That my heart tells me to speak
We were birds in our past life
You sang me a song don’t you remember
The bond is true and pure
Can’t you feel me near
Why do you even ask me
Whats our relationship
I went in search of words
I searched in many languages
They don’t have a clue
To put it in mear words
Even I can’t explain
We share jokes, we share songs
We share stories and poems
There are songs that reminds me of you
There is a place we always meet
There is even a lucky number
In all the pleasant things, its you I see
You still want me to explain
I simply don’t know what to say
I simply don’t have words to say

jibin joseph………………………………

Kee Thampi 28 December 2006

We share jokes, we share songs We share stories and poems There are songs that reminds me of you There is a place we always meet a real tracery in a good write....gift for new site

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Pradnya P 20 January 2007

Nice, real words u have used in ur poem its good keep it up keep writing such poems

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Kavita Bhat 04 January 2007

hey... nice one....u've really expressed it in a beautiful way!

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Not a member No 4 31 December 2006

Tender loving poetic words - also very honest words - and in the end acceptance of the ultimate inability of words to truly capture love. Very good work Jibin.

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Mary Jinu 30 December 2006

Nice poem..keep writing

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June30 Tara 29 December 2006

Beauty in expression, so true emotions you be happy, Your love is free of conditions Ammu

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jibin joseph

jibin joseph

cochin, kerala state, india
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