Scientific Thoughts.... Poem by Avik Datta Gupta

Scientific Thoughts....

Rating: 4.0

I have some feelings …I can’t explain
Share my thoughts no one can share…
In the speeding world’s by lane
This world is good this world is fine..
But this world of mine…is just not mine..
I fail to speak…with my crowded head
Take a deep breath and sigh instead
As I know my words have no meaning..
I stay quiet..when I should be screaming

The door is locked…and I have thrown the key
On the other side there is misery
And there is misery on this side too…
The door can boast of it’s rudiment
A division that is just not existant
There is nothing to diffuse
No feelings to effuse…
Dividing nothing by nothing…
Infinite thoughts of bickering

But I need to talk..whatever it means
Words are there in the Human genes
And we are all hear to sell….
Sell a crate of amusing fears
Sell a barrel of crocodile tears
With a hope to sell all your self derivative
To an integral source of superlatives
To a complex function that sold our world
And the limiting just a loose word

I am trying to find a logical way…
To correlate all experiences through out the day
To make a probability peak to decide what to say
I’ve taken the samples of what others have said
To find the mode of thoughts was mean instead
All frequencies are out of phase…
As I stand at rest and hear amazed
At the Doppler Effect of the whizzing race

Eureka! Was what Archimedes yelled
The buoyant force of my life had swelled
Equal to the weight of my tears that overspilled
In the bathtub of my thoughts, , in which I float
A Magdeberg Hemisphere pulled by a bunch of goats
Yes I know I am Blunt…and You’re Beautiful
All the thrust you invoke on an unit area
Is the Pressure you have applied on your career
The measure of a man..the manometer

Dalton picked me like a tired particle
And so by Einstein’s famous article
I need to move at the speed of light
I will have no mass and I’ll feel so light
I’ll be all energy..that no one could fight
E equals MC square
Hat’s off old man..the world will swear
We need to move ahead at this lightning speed
Energy is the source of all we need

But who can forget Gravity
The apple of Newton’s trinity
Calculus..remember that lump in you..
The rainbow that dispersed from the light in you
Same light… same speed…the photonic you
Where you have split yourself in two
Like a wave with all those crests and troughs
Or like that supercharged particle, who’s had enough
Searching for the finish line in Brownian Motion

Heisenberg..Heisenberg..hats off to you
Uncertainity Principle is suited for humans too
A central soul and a cloud of paths
Of Electronic thoughts…and our thoughts of wrath
And Auf Bau seems to top it all
Since no two thoughts stay together at all
You may or may not have clarity
That’s my Theory Of Relativity

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