Scotland The Brave Or A Wimp To The Self-Serving Idiosyncrasies Of The Political Oligarchs In Westminster? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

Scotland The Brave Or A Wimp To The Self-Serving Idiosyncrasies Of The Political Oligarchs In Westminster?

By Stanley Collymore

Before their independence
referendum the Scots
were repeatedly
openly pledged by David Cameron
and numerous other senior Tories
that the UK would inevitably stay
in the European Union knowing
full well as they were obviously
rather dishonestly, at the time,
declaring this promise, that it
was really quite a deliberate
and contrived lie, especially
as well and specifically too
distinctly and very patently
self-evidently, a decidedly
unquestionably obviously
intentionally, quite aware
egregious, and basically
clear dishonest travesty
of the truth; as in effect,
and most relevantly so,
the the actual opposite
did become the reality.

Effectively the Scots were betrayed
and actually done so most lyingly!
Consequently, there's effectively
now a most pressing need for a new Scottish
referendum, literally if simply to clear the air
and essentially restore the urgent need for
basic honesty, intellectual sanity, and also
political maturity; bearing in mind that the
Scots voted overwhelmingly then to stay
in the European Union during the Brexit
referendum. So in view of what's surely
a Brexit disaster, and clearly noticeably
not only for Scotland but undeniably as
well, the entirety of 'normal' Britain; the
Scots have every legal and moral right
to seriously, in a rather lawfully carried
out, discernibly honest, and irrefutably
obviously, straightforwardly organized
referendum to actually effectively and
crucially determine, their political and
democratic future; and, unchallenged
also, what significantly, should be the
way forward, as regards their nation!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
15 March 2023.

Author's Remarks:
Scotland was very much in its own right a separate societal and political entity before its convenient union with England and, in essence, creating the subsequent United Kingdom. Interestingly enough it was a merger at the behest of its then distinctly unelected, and still are to this day, monarchical controllers ably, willingly and self-servingly assisted by Scotland's similarly unelected hierarchical elites; and most patently so because they fully knew that there wouldn't be any opposition for them to have to worry about in respect of dissatisfied peasants, a state of affairs discernibly coupled with the unmistakeable fact that such a thing as adult suffrage was unheard of in both England and Scotland as well as the other parts of Britain, and much less so the remedial concept of having a referendum.

Consequently, the legitimate residents of Scotland do have every right in this purportedly modern, meritocratic, essentially equality of equality opportunity and significantly the democratic society that they're supposedly living in, to, unquestionably so and similarly irrefutably as well, determine what democratic political alliances - old, new or none - that they sensibly, intelligently and basically for the good of themselves respectively want to be in.

And for those decrying this move on racism, misguided notions of their specifically delusional and concocted fantasies of risible history relative to any part of the United Kingdom and not just Scotland that Humza Yousaf, born in the UK - Bojo wasn't - isn't even a Scottish name, conveniently overlooking the fact that Boris Kamal aka Johnson, the former PM of Britain is furthermore of Turkish ancestry - has no love for their (Humza Yousaf's critics that is) British history and wants to destroy it. Oh really?

Well my advice to you is this! Go check your own true and not fantasized notions of your so-called British history and culture. Since significant numbers of you are the detritus remnants of those kicked out from across every area in mainland Europe by your own biological kin in the pogroms they orchestrated against you centuries long, and not just the European holocaust. Britain let you in when you had nowhere else to go and no one else wanted to have you. So talk of you history and culture relative to Britain is pure poppycock as previous to your lot allowed in you had no connections with Britain and had made no contribution to either its wealth or history, so none of this is effectively yours.

In marked contrast the refugees and non-white immigrants you so racially decry it's on their backs, labour, purloined wealth, genocidal acquisitions and ongoing exploitation that the wealth of Britain was created and is still based. So get real! Likewise that Humza Yousaf hasn't got a Scottish name doesn't make his less Scottish than anyone else and particularly yourselves. How many of your kind let into Britain as refuges from the bloodletting pogroms by your own kind as well as the European holocaust have purposely and self-servingly changed your names to British sounding ones? The likes of Tom Bauer to Bower and Michael Howard from, Hecht; just two of literally thousands of examples and the overwhelming majority of them as undeniably racist as hell, notwithstanding their own family's near death history at the hands of the Nazis. How many of you have used your ill-gotten gains to send your offspring to Eaton, Harrow, and Cheltenham Ladies College for example, and subsequently then have them go around proselytising themselves as the quintessential racist Briton, English man or woman who hates "immigrants" when that's precisely what your lot effectively are?

How discernibly stupid. Wanting an all-white Britain and Europe but can't see or understand the lunacy of have possession of the genocidally acquired countries that your lot tenaciously cling on to. How many Aborigines who've lived in their own country ongoingly for over 66 thousand years, how many Maoris or North American indigenous people whether in Canada or the USA are or have ever been since your lot infested their lands with your presence have been rulers of their own countries? And quite asininely in the case of convict-infested Australia delusionally claim that that country which dwarfs Britain was actually Terra nullius!

Go get lives, those of you who are capable of doing so, and if you want to asininely assert that this so-called history of yours is being destroyed, now you perhaps are beginning to realize how the indigenous peoples across the world feel, with your blatant arrogance and no apologies or compensation. And the last time I checked every single European country still had a Caucasian majority and likewise a Caucasian government, never mind Sunak being the first non-white PM of Britain. Essentially a fluke.

So go and do your own thing Scotland!

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