Secret Love Poem by Mary Joy Lumanog

Secret Love

Rating: 3.1

I know in my heart when you look at me..
It's different.. sending me shivers up my spine
Trying to ignore it..but the feelings won't surpass it..
And I don't know why...

My heart leap with gladness..everytime I see you...
Trying to hide it.. but its obviously true...
I don't know why when I see you smile..
I feel like I'm a frozen ice turns to melt..

When you're near..I feel not the same..
I'm trying to hide it...but I couldn't deny it...
The feeling...I shouldn't be...
I feel like I couldn't breath...

Can't you see..How could it be...?
I'm trying not to show it...
But the feelings inside me...won't surpass it...
The feeling I can't deny...
Won't let me sleep at night...

Will you be mine?
But its only a dream not could never be...
Coz it only just a dream..
A dream that has no happy ending...

Matt Mooney 07 May 2010

I like your poem-especially the style in which it is written.It has all the wonder and hesitancy of infatuation or maybe something more lasting.

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James Mclain 14 July 2009

it is a pleasant grab bag of wonderful words rare gems that bring it home again in you to know....iip

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Ency Bearis 02 July 2009

nice introspective write..a great theme of every Poets { dream }...a wide scope in every aspect...and a well expressed dream of hoping to be the soul mate...great piece...10

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Mary Joy Lumanog

Mary Joy Lumanog

Bacolod City, Philippines
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