Love Song Of Naples Poem by Cleveland W. Gibson

Love Song Of Naples

Rating: 4.0

I am haunted by the sound of mandolins
that sing out against the waves of the
sea. I'm new to the scene and what
happens as those mandolins scream out
at me. In the small cafe in the Naples
bay I can't help but dream of you. No
other girl can pluck those string of my
heart and yet I've know a few. The
thought returns of you by my side,
how I wish to make that true. I shake
my head and stare across the bay, look
anywhere as if there I'd find you also
looking blue. As sunset comes, the wine
starts to flow and friends pick up their
pens to write. We laugh and joke and
talk of times, so far into the night. The
spots of light dance on the waves and
make me think of your eyes, and the
stars and then full of love I too
compose a song of you in my head
looking just as you are. How true I love
you, how romantic too, how dreams
can turn into words of songs that
somehow are the best. And as I start to
sing, the mandolins join in with the
bells across the waves and people clap
and shout about, because there is no
doubt a love song strong will always
carry on across the bay for many
minutes good and long.
And as the music stops I wonder why
but it's too late. You die and I must cry.

Sunday, April 20, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love hurts

A tragic love poem. Nicely written. Love the rhythm.

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how dreams can turn into words of songs that somehow are the best How true it is! Beautiful poem. Thank you.

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