Seek Self Poem by Michael Hopkins

Seek Self

Rating: 4.5

Seek Self

Seek the wisdom

Seek the strength

Seek the knowledge

That is already within yourSelf

Seek not the words of others

Listen in the silence

Hear that which forms the words

Feel that which gives life to all living things

Trust in your own innate abilities

Trust in your Self

As you would trust in God

For God has sanctioned Self to act on It's Behalf

Self is the link to All There Is

As well as the link to your human heart

Self links you to God

Self links you to your humanity

Self links to self

To instruct

To facilitate

To bring about new creations

Creations that are born within your heart

And projected out into everyday living.

Creations of Beauty

Formed in Love

The Divine and Human balanced and working together as one

Opening up new possibilities

Opening up self to your true nature

The calmness and certainty of Spirit returns

One knows again

One feels again

Balanced between the world of man and the worlds of the Divine

Then joy arrives

As human and the Divine unite

As fear and doubt are relinquished

And Man returns to rule once more

Within the realm of the human heart

From which all blessings flow inward to the outward

Unhindered by human ego

Unhindered by fear

Unhindereed by doubt

Established in the calmness and certainty of the Divine

Balanced in Love

Expressed in the joy in living

These are the signs of a Man that has been born of man

Man, our past, present and future now united

A true Union formed

United in Love

Note: Self is the same as Soul. Self with a small 's' represents the human ego. Man is the older English usage indicating both male and female. Heart is the central terminal where Heaven and Earth or the Divine and human meet.

I write under the name of M. N. Hopkins.
Michael Hopkins 09 July 2019

Thanks for reading and commenting Edward

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Michael Hopkins 09 July 2019

Thank you for you kind comment Dr. D.

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Dr Dillip K Swain 08 July 2019

An insightful piece of work my friend! Brilliantly penned....................................10

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Edward Kofi Louis 21 October 2017

A true Union formed! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Michael Hopkins

Michael Hopkins

Chicago, IL USA
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