Shadows At Night Poem by Abby Bilan

Shadows At Night

The time of enthusiasm with papers is over
Replaced by the invasion of modern technology
The helpless youth cannot resist the truth
That the truth is not the real beauty
If the children of today meet the monstrous activity
Will their boredom strike and give them the idea of
Bringing back the past’s passion?

Courting comes with poems and vocal words
Freedom was awakened by live hearts in prison, not with swords
Bookworms were born in books, not from pests
Studying were in texts for their well-intended tests
And before every single thing exists
Their formulas, instructions, and procedure were
First written

Con’s birth killed the faith in miracles
Proposals now held in screens
Popularity known in blind visions
Books hardly exist, worms do in fist
Is studying still famous?
Success is much seen in Science

Rather call people philosophers than scientists
Everything wouldn’t supposed to be existent
Philosophy was called to resist!

This phenomenon calls the darkness
The darkness that sips the night
The night possessed by shadows
The shadows that we fear abode our souls

The arrival of the shadows of night come in forth
Let the bright youth bring back the life of truth
Seize the technology and face the clergy
It’s in your hands
Unmodified pen and paper
Mirror of essential bond of open souls
The knight against unseen traitors

Wednesday, April 22, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: science,technology
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