Shall I Compare Thee? Poem by David Taylor

Shall I Compare Thee?

Rating: 5.0

Shall I compare thee to a Silverstein
Thou art more serious in thy art
And alas much less acclaimed
He is much loved by all the children gruff
Which with deft words he makes them laugh.
With tall stories about giraffes.

Shall I compare thee to an Edgar
The one that wrote Amanda Lee
Thou art less lyrical than he
He is much loved by lovers
Which with his art he makes them see
How lucky they are not to be parted
As he was parted
From his dear Amanda by the sea.

Shall I compare thee to a Frost
With two roads that cross
Thou art more unsure than he
When you are writing poetry
He knew there was no way back
When he took that track.
So many read his prose
About the fateful road he chose.

No you are not like them
You are clearly a new poetic gem
Yet to unfold your prose
And all the beauty that it holds
So please don’t put down that pen
Until you write as good as them.

Marci Made 26 April 2007

Ah, so you've found 'you 'and your beautiful words that always seem to spring from 'A Kingdom by the Sea' as in, from your heart......Dieu vous garde! ...marci.xo

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Michael Shepherd 26 April 2007

So! You looked in the mirror!

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Original Unknown Girl 26 April 2007

Whoa..... I like this! ! Wonderful stuff, love how your weave the 'greats' into this piece, so very good. Well Done David.... HG: -) xx

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Patricia Gale 26 April 2007

Outstanding work David! One of the best!

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