She Did It Poem by Angela Davis

She Did It

Rating: 5.0

Tears burning,
washing dirty, little cheeks
fear and anger
battling inside
losing and winning
She hears the hated words
'You're too little'
'You're too stupid'
'You're too ugly'
'You're too young'
'You can't do it'

Anger and determination
fill her tiny chest
forward she strides
climbing the fence
her eyes on the prize
throwing caution to the wind
Sun is shining
beating down on her form
sweat beads on her forehead
tiny tongue licking her lips
Reaching out
just a little further

And she falls,
hardly able to breath
past the pain and fear
she climbs again
her eyes glued on her desire
she tries again, and again
And she thinks
'I am not too little'
'I'm not too stupid'
'Ugly doesn't matter here'
'I'm not a baby'
'And I can so do it'

She asks, speak her heart,
asking to be allowed this
And it comes closer
Gentle and gold-lit
by the afternoon's rays
It is beautiful
Her eyes water
at the gift being offered
so wondrous it is
She reaches out
afraid it will vanish
with her hope

She eases over
securing her hold
balancing delicately
pushing off the fence
holding tightly
then pulling herself up
Almost falling again,
she climbs and pulls
Sits upright, looking around
the view is the same
yet so different
from such a perch

She reaches down
petting, stroking,
speaking sweet words
giving thanks for this chance
the ginger mare nickers
tossing her head
mane flying
golden threads in the sunlight
yet man cannot achieve
what comes so naturally
Such purity, and power
in one simple beast

And the girl cries
so great her joy is
Her short little legs
not reaching the mare's side
so small is she
But she did it
The mare walked about in circles
A powerful beast
so gentle and pure
Trapped in the small corral
She gave a gift to the girl:

Ananya S 26 November 2006

Wonderful storytelling...and with an inner meaning...beautiful... I'm happy you started writing again.. Love

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