Who Am I Poem by Angela Davis

Who Am I

Rating: 5.0

Who am I
I don't know
I know what I am,
what labels others apply to me

I am human
or so they say
But tell me something
what is so humane about our species
something found in no others, something humane

I am a lesbian
Yes, a lover of women
but I now choose very selectively
though weary of trust, I am starved for love

I am a crone
Old, and withered by life
I feel so aged, and weary at times
I am sickened by what I see that others do not
Even though I seldom see what is right in front of me

I am a child
I look about myself in wonder
society constantly baffles my mind
I find happiness in the small things of life
I have experienced so little, but seen so much
I still believe in love, so naive in matters of the heart

I am an author
I write many stories
of loving, living, understanding
though I do not yet understand these things

I am a poet
at least that is what i am told
My pen hardly touches the paper
and I think of what's important, in my heart
My feelings flow freely in verse and sometimes not

I am a pacifist
I abhor anger, and violence
it destroys love, lives, and souls
I think there is always a peaceful solution
if one is willing to search their heart and soul
Though it may be harder, let go of your pride and try

I am a survivor
Many battles I have faced
Somehow I always come out of them
but never whole, for it is not that simple
Along the way I have had to make sacrifices
but here I stand, in quiet defiance and always will
Though I am tattered, battered, and occasionally shattered

Who am I
I think above all
I am an individual

Ashish R 26 July 2006

Wonderful rendition.Thanks for letting us know 'who you are'. Ashish.

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ELSINA KILPATRICK 19 February 2019

The speak as a validated woman which by-pass others opinions.

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Lee Mack 10 February 2017

what am I? 1963, a stoic picture of AD somewhere; a face of love, innocense, a soldiers immortal soul; waiting... Who? A child that leads them... a gift of strength... rebirth of Sir Francis Bacon 1561 to 1626.

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Alexia Sohr 12 August 2006

I loved hearing 'who you are' in this fantastic poem. I love this style, and how you have shaped it. It is very unique, as is your general style of writing, and you. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with the world with your poetry.

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Catastrophe King 03 August 2006

Angela.... You really do have some distinctive style of narration.... Good read this one! ... vote 10/10.

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Preeti - is here! 27 July 2006

Angela, this one's so powerful and very well strung together! Preets

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