For Every Woman Poem by Angela Davis

For Every Woman

Rating: 5.0

This is for every woman
that cries herself to sleep
that lies alone in bed at night
that stays awake, unable to sleep

This is for every woman
that is scared of being hurt again
that has been left behind, heartbroken
that needs to be given something to believe in

This is for every woman
that needs to feel wanted
that wants to feel desirable
that feels like no one even cares

This is for every woman
that has loved another freely
that shows how much she cares
that accepts others for who they are

You are beautiful.
Everything will be okay
if you can believe in yourself.
But most of all, please love yourself.

For Every Woman
Cheryl Tutaan 18 May 2017

Thank you so much foe sharing this wonderful poem...A heartfelt, for a woman like me...❤

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Francesca Johnson 10 August 2006

I totally agree, as you will see in the few words of my 'biography.' Your message is clear, and confident. I hope every woman poet reads this! Love, Fran xx

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Ananya S 09 August 2006

Wonderful...As a woman I felt like it was just written for me...Thank you Angela Ananya

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Nalini Hebbar 09 August 2006

that is sweet angela...thank you for the lovely

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Alexia Sohr 12 August 2006

This wonderfully empowering, insprational poem truly is for Every Woman. Every Woman should read it, and feel its message.

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Chinedu Dike 29 June 2021

A motivational piece of poetry nicely crafted with insight....

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

Congratulations being chosehn as The Modern Poem Of The Day!

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Sylvia Frances Chan 29 June 2021

5 Stars Full on TOP for this heart's shout in this poem. Very impressing, much more very touching, So obvious that I have read two poems where the conclusion is the same Love yourself! I am so touched by this heart's shout.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 06 November 2019

It is an outstanding presentation on woman in general. So touching and impressive. Lofty theme with love and cares.

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connor patterson 11 May 2018

ewww, gross do away with this mindset

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