She Prepared Them After All Poem by Jim Yerman

She Prepared Them After All

As the old sage lie before them…about to take her final breath..
a student whispered. "Oh, wise one why you have not taught us
how to prepare for death."

Her students gathered 'round and waited…
for it was her way to think on questions for a while…..
When she was ready with her answer…
the old woman looked at them…and smiled.

"Have I not taught you about love? " she said.
"How to open up your hearts? "
"How to find beauty all around you…how friendship is an art."

"Have I not taught you acceptance and compassion." she continued.
"How to open up your minds? "
"Have I not taught you peace and happiness begin with being kind? "

"If you have lived these teachings, " she smiled,
"then you need learn nothing more…for you will be prepared
when death comes knocking at your door."

"If you've have lived your life with love as your guide…"
"If you've shown everyone you cared…"
"You might not be ready when death calls…but you will definitely be prepared."

"If you are the kindest person you can be, " she said,
"you are prepared for death."
Then she smiled her last smile as she took her final breath.

They thought she hand't prepared them for death…
hadn't prepared them for their final climb….
until they realized in teaching them how to live
she was preparing them all this time.

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