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frowning a frown- i notice
my beer gut-
gotta decide which to do first:
white vinegar smelly onion,

Through a concrete gate opening
the green field revealed itself.
I remember the white lines too.
Organ music smells hotdog smiles.

We'll lash you up foul poem,
And bind you in three knots.
We'll twist you till your stars
Won't shine, and

I walk the streets wondering
'why me? ' I'm pathetic as I
head into the bar to gulp
my fill of Coors(Lite) . 'They'

On a snowy canvas, I splashed her
down with bare, brown, freckled
shoulders. With mirrors everywhere,
she crams both purple fists into a

White sparkle shades grinning
your bell bottoms. Tacky.
Not much of a bulge. The girls screamed.

You are a brown dumpster
With wheels. And me smiling,
Wearing my new sunglasses
Driving you crazy sitting on

The never ending orange and yellow
Leaves bombard me;
Bludgeon me like the Red Baron
Shot up Snoopy that one Halloween

Steel blades in a dark
Food gets smushed.
Put your fingers in;

With a silly grin and
a heavy sigh
I grab my last brown
banana. Call

I’m here hoping not to crack
Rolling, wobbling near the edge
In my perfectness.
I came first with my smooth

Into walmarty plummers you know.
Crack. Open to the public.
Some brown yes, I know.
Lightin’ a freakin’ smoke.

Crawling towards the round spot of light,
(a spot light)
in the middle of the floor; (everything
else black) you start digging

Inside a cabin, I
chew Ma's
fat while the gang

Sliding down my pants
some would say retard
without the constant
sylvan lump “Run, ” go

The rat’s skin was scraped off the flesh
As I tied it up to the mailbox.
I screamed in delight when you pulled
Up and questioned my sanity.

black boots
hold ice cube

Don't carve out my rough and bumpy parts
as they're good for mastication and steering
from salty towns to bitter hubs. How might
I whistle your name clearly? Twist me to

you followed the yellow
coat all over the airport
knowing he was a spy

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Hello there. Please read all of my poems and give me nice reviews and 10's. I really don't have a lot of time, so I won't be reading any of yours though. My suggestion is take this review with you... 'Nice Write'. Take this review with you and write it onto your poem page and sign my name to it. This should take care of most of you. Goodbye now.)

The Best Poem Of Scotty Dogg

Makin' A Sandwich

frowning a frown- i notice
my beer gut-
gotta decide which to do first:
white vinegar smelly onion,
plump pulpy Toe- mater. or
“you’re vine ripened, YO! ”
i grab you and scream:
“Still got yer’ stem,
doncha? ” i squeeze the ball
hard. I see seeds. squirtin
right then, i put my fist through
the window.

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Peter Stavropoulos 02 December 2013

I like to make suggestions to other poets. It makes me feel important. I can't add anything here. What you do you do brilliantly. Only thing is, more people need to read you.

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Bulletcookie 2017 12 April 2012

Reward - Lost Dog: Propensity for writing esoteric ditties in the middle of a binge night, scratches on the doors of eternity, and bays at the moon on occasion. Close to the family but subject to the mange! Love ya Dog; come back!

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Sara Fielder 27 March 2012

You really should write more my friend. YOU and all your twisted little alias have been my inspiration and that is no joke. What I love the most about your poetry is that you keep it real. You have a strong write hand that cuts the reader to the bone.

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