She's So Tired Poem by Randy McClave

She's So Tired

She's so tired of holding it all together
For everyone else so she doesn't get blamed,
Her worries are hanging from a tether
And her thoughts and worries have all been claimed.
Shes concerned and worried and not at all lazy,
I promise, she's not being dramatic or crazy.

She's so tired of putting up with less than she deserves
And tired of holding onto hope that maybe one day things will be better,
She thought if she pretended long enough it would relax her nerves
And unto stress she would no longer be a debtor.
She's tired of always feeling depressed and crappy,
She now wants to start feeling happy.

She's so tired of the mask that she is wearing
The mask can only hold the pain in the heart for just so long,
Now she's worried about who might be staring
Or if again will she feel as if she had done wrong.
She believes she is the cause of her hurt and she's not meant to be okay,
But, for her I will always hope and pray.

Randy L. McClave

Randy McClave

Randy McClave

Ashland, Kentucky
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