Shiite I Am

By the bless of the Almighty in His Might
I look up and with weakness I do mumble
O my Merciful, how long I've been eager
and how much before Thee shall I be humble
Then my heart pulse shall be calm and quiet
and no noise shall I hear then, and no rumble

How many O of Might and Power with Mercy
of graves did I count and Thou knowest the best
Yet how many of curses did I bear upon the back
and how many burdens shall I bear from the rest
By the causes I believe and by the results I surrender
while for awhile the saddest mountains are on the chest

Ask the lands O investigator that roams the homes
how many are the houses that are empty of we and us
Trace the scattered blood of my neighbors and bones
was there any spot that did not share itself with us?
Our tears are the falling and the laughter we forgot
and down the streams did our ideas go into the fuss

What is my agony O my Lord, and Thou knowest well
hatred surrounded me and yet it is not what I am willing
What for was I cursed and what for people do punish
only my reasons that I believed against who is believing
And for Ali, after the last of the Prophets I sought
Hence my name, a shiite, a follower, never stopped seeking

I am whose days are made to the blackish in the day
I am whose nights are eternal for the ever are they
I am whose blood is shared like a spring of May
I am whose bones are scattered along my way
I am whose beliefs are condemned as ever are they
I am whose mouth forgot the laughter and its display

Right in the middle of no where thou willst find me
where people think they are right and all are wrong
Ask Mecca, Medina, Samarra and Baghdad with Najaf
where my heart goes along and sing the sweetest song
And to the Lord of heavens and earth I smile and say:
Yes, shiite I am, and as well shall be living along

Can Akcal 22 June 2014

If i am wrong in my predictions against you then explain why you have chosen to not include the spelling of "Turkish" without a capital letter? You can find it in the "translators words" in the book The Battle of Karbala. I refuse to read or teach my children your work until i am satisfied with an honest answer.

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Can Akcal 22 June 2014

I see no authenticity or sincerety in what you translate in the book "battle of Karbala" it seems you are very transient in explaining your political views against the Turkish people which puts doubt about how authentic your translation may be. I find disunity, disrespect and utter dissapointment in you as a translator taher al shemaly. Your job should be not biased in any way and not to include your political views in a translation you have chosen to translate.

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Taher Al-Shemaly 08 August 2007

A dedication, to every shiite, felt the pains of his life.

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