Rhyme Poems: 498 / 500

After You

Rating: 3.6

Let the sorrow nest upon this heart
Let the sad moments take this tired mind
How horrible it is to be in senseless doubt
That can come to me from the hind
After you

Great it was the love that was kept
Great is the loving moments that I felt
But how can I say within this crypt
How wonderful were the days that I spent
With you

Days come and days are to go
Centuries to come and others will follow
And leaves shall fall and fall again
And this body has nothing for a sustain
After you

In lines I had to put my tears at action
Inkless, paperless, but hopefully full of passion
A dream tickles my mind from time to time
Up to life I'll be back, and share the rhyme
With you


a heart felt poem well done.10+++

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Seema Chowdhury 16 October 2008

a thought provoking poem. well done Tahir.

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poetry addict 27 February 2006

Dear Taher it's the first poem of your own I read and it's a very good one your feelings flow very freely I hope I could read more and more

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Louise Bizzari 15 April 2005

Very beautifully done- good tempo and harmony-loving-thoughtful and sad... Sensitivity that is rare....LMB

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