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As I started sipping
my daily lovely coffee
A race of memories just began in my mind
of old days, the hard and the easy

Let the sorrow nest upon this heart
Let the sad moments take this tired mind
How horrible it is to be in senseless doubt
That can come to me from the hind

may my sadness will settle one day
away, just far away as it could have been
in a world of dreams going to stay
with memories of childhood I've never seen

Spreaded the petals over
as I walked without a cover
and happiness couldn't catch over
my heart the one flying in Zurich

By the bless of the Almighty in His Might
I look up and with weakness I do mumble
O my Merciful, how long I've been eager
and how much before Thee shall I be humble

Often the boys so hardy,
try to forget the adulthood a while
Thus they go naughty,
and with games they take a trial

If you are chasing the wind
away from bearing life and its load
shall I tell you where to wind
away from this heavy world

While she was standing alone
with bare feet in this harsh and cold
'Roses, Roses, enlighten your heart'
she used to shout selling out her gold


when my cheeks are full
of the valleys made by the tear
and when my eyes are just gone
after my dreams that are not near

With the voice of the hovering silence
within the music of my heart's beats
Shall you listen with an ear of solace
about my hopes of you in great feats

or dreams on arrival
there from the west
sitting on high pedestal

In the drops of the rain I breathe
your smell, that of heavenly scent
Right above me lies the earth
for my sky cannot anymore be felt


According to the legends, of days so old
there was a hero, of might and ego

His name was Andre the handsome lad

Unfortunately, amid the heaven and earth
there are still people blinded by the spell
But what it has to do with me by the fact
if it is not for defense, I am not allowed to kill


Like the winds
my dreams shall fly
Through the fields of agony
fly and fly, until they die

O Hazelnut tree come and listen
testify by thy roots above me
here lies my heart where it is hidden
dusted by the dust and gloomy

Aya Jafar, what did you do
you have splitted this heart
and the mourning will continue
until this body for this life part

close your eyes
rest this heart
of those tiresom days and nights
have a smile

By the sky my soul was flying
leaving my dead body behind
A corpse of coldness I had left
falling beside a sweet of a kind

long, long time ago
in the past tense of my life
there was once a rosey rose
with a beauty sharper than a knife

Taher Shemaly Biography

Born to a moderate family. completed my studies in Physics with a bachelor degree from Kuwait University. Although had many failures on the emotional plane but I believe life is still going on. Not so bound to religion but I still respect it and I do believe in peace among all. Maybe one of the most shocking moment for me was that when the Pope, John Pual II died, I considered him a true symbol of peace even though my religion is different than his. Although some people might say I'm knocked by melancholy (which is something I believe that I have) but still I have my own special moments that I think of from time to time, otherwise, I wouldn't make it through this life. My friends play much greater rule in my life, since with them my special moments are connected. I can say that I'm greatly affected by music although I can't play any and I don't have a nice voice, but I must pay much appreciation to singers like Phil Collins, Ronan Keating and Celine Dion along with many others for their songs that often turn on the green light for my emotions, and I won't find it shameful to say that I indeed cried for some songs sang by them, nothing for but because they reminded me of something passed in my life.)

The Best Poem Of Taher Shemaly

Sad And Lonely

As I started sipping
my daily lovely coffee
A race of memories just began in my mind
of old days, the hard and the easy
And looking at myself now with a tear in my eye
just to find myself sad and lonely

And as I walk down that antique street
where my old little house was meant to be
It feels hard to breathe just to know
that I am out of it now and maybe
maybe forever I would be like a rover
that tells stories of how sad I am and lonely

Those stairs I used to go up and down
everyday in fast rhythm used to be happy
In my room I used to stay most of the time
never thought that i would live in a tragedy
But words are not useful now
for sad I am and lonely

Though poverty was my company long ago
but riches couldn't bring back honey
The honey I saw in my sweet old days
Days of the poverty and agony
Believe me my friend riches won't give you a thing
But to make you sad and lonely

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p.a. noushad 01 January 2010

romantic nerration, i like your poems

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Kee Thampi 17 January 2007

See his writes are really blessed ones..... worth to keep to read again and again...unerring poetic......

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