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Born to a moderate family. completed my studies in Physics with a bachelor degree from Kuwait University. Although had many failures on the emotional plane but I believe life is still going on. Not so bound to religion but I still respect it and I do believe in peace among all. Maybe one of the most shocking moment for me was that when the Pope, Jo ...

Taher Shemaly Poems

Sad And Lonely

As I started sipping
my daily lovely coffee
A race of memories just began in my mind
of old days, the hard and the easy

After You

Let the sorrow nest upon this heart
Let the sad moments take this tired mind
How horrible it is to be in senseless doubt
That can come to me from the hind


may my sadness will settle one day
away, just far away as it could have been
in a world of dreams going to stay
with memories of childhood I've never seen


Spreaded the petals over
as I walked without a cover
and happiness couldn't catch over
my heart the one flying in Zurich

Shiite I Am

By the bless of the Almighty in His Might
I look up and with weakness I do mumble
O my Merciful, how long I've been eager
and how much before Thee shall I be humble

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p.a. noushad 01 January 2010

romantic nerration, i like your poems

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Kee Thampi 17 January 2007

See his writes are really blessed ones..... worth to keep to read again and again...unerring poetic......

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