Aniruddha Pathak

Rookie - 289 Points (25.05.1941 / Godhra - Gujarat)

Signs Of The Time - Poem by Aniruddha Pathak

The secret of Sanand1, her flush green sheet
That enveloped the sleepy old village,
The Farm2 for care of greens, school and college
That taught how men should the greens treat.

But greens in greed shall be given away,
Yielding to concrete graveyard ‘pon all ground,
For, grey machines the green ground shall soon pound,
Pylons and pillars casting spell of grey.

Old hillocks and heavenly jheels3 and lakes
Shall get buried deep under greed’s duress,
Standing denuded shorn of born-with dress,
If progress all its priority takes;

As far beyond as tired sight might endure,
We shall see trails of plied and potent wire
In hope birds would avoid this deadly mire,
Sure, Null sarovar4 shall lose her old lure.

The village with her gilt-edge’d olden look
Shall soon wear an over-sized greyish coat—
Of industrial township of some note,
To be a curled page of mark in a book!

And yet, a village long frozen in time,
And orphaned of any promising dreams,
Her bounty of beauteous bitter Neems5,
Shall show some signs of progress to us prime.

Should man lose on highways of growth on run?
He knows of no shopping venture sans price,
As there be no virtues without grey vice,
Let’s still one day hope to such crossroads turn.
________________________________________ __________
1. Sanand: A sleepy village some 30 kilo meters
from Ahmedabad, which has won as the choice for
Tata’s Nano Plant, a small-car project expected
to boost the economy of the surrounding area.
2. The Farm: Part of the Agricultural University
of Anand and the agricultural farm attached to it.
3. Jheels: Jheels are shallow natural lakes that
often attract migratory birds.
4. Null Sarovar: A bird sanctuary and a lake close
to Sanand.
5. Neem: Neem is widely prevalent tree in whole of
the Indian sub-continent, known for its medicinal
and herbal properties and its bitter taste.
Industrialisation and technological progress of a
nation and its impact on the country-side forms the
theme of this poem. But it displays an ambivalent
attitude: All progress demands its price that alas
has to be paid—yet, a village frozen in time… shall
show signs of some future.
______________________________________ ______________
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