Jim Yerman

Silence - Poem by Jim Yerman

As Deborah and I sat together the other evening in a silence that endears
I was reminded of the many faces of silence I’ve seen throughout the years.

There is an undiscovered beauty in silence...in her perplexity.
As we search to find the mystery in her tranquility.

Have you ever stood mesmerized in the midst of a silent snow?
Or watched clouds silently change shape as they drift slowly to and fro?

Have you ever stretched out silently under the joy of a meteor shower
And not contemplated the existence, the possibility, of a higher power?

Who has never felt the awkward silence that accompanies a first date?
Or tiptoed through the silence when you arrived home a little late?

And in the aftermath of a death, the ultimate silent tragedy,
Who hasn’t felt the silence you once loved become your enemy?

Sadness arrives in an empty stillness, for there is a silent moment when...
You realize you will never see or hear or touch that person again.

And even though they may be gone...perhaps for many years
Isn’t it in the silence of your loneliness where you cry your deepest tears?

But it is also in the silent darkness when you feel yourself ascend
And you realize as if by magic silence is again your friend.

You feel her presence all around and you smile because you know
It’s in the silence of the evening when the trees begin to grow?

It’s in the silence of the day that the flowers create their blooms
And where does the miracle of life begin if not in the silence of a mother’s womb?

So my thoughts have come full circle...sitting in silence together can console
For where else does love blossom...if not in the silence of our soul.

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