The Joy Of Cooking Poem by Kathleen West

The Joy Of Cooking

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One of the things that I'm most proud of
Since I was very young
Is learning to cook and enjoying it so
And what a pleasure it has become

It started with egg sandwiches for Dad
He liked one when he wanted a snack
He said mine were the best that could be had
I was proud to do something back

Then there was the apples pies I baked
One day when mom was out
And to my joy, the crust turned out great!
And my love of cooking came about

Mom taught me to season everything just right
And all the tips she knew
The soups and gravies, and cakes so lite
The cassaroles and the irish stew

Then I was making dinner for the family
My four brothers, mom and dad, and me
And at fourteen years old I was hired to cook
For the neighbor with seven kids to feed!

Later when I got a place on my own
I couldn't afford to go out to eat
I could barely afford to pay the rent!
I was broke, but I ate like a queen!

I've fed all my family and friends that I know
And catered parties and festivals too
And the joy that I feel can't help but show
I love to nurture people with food!

We must all nourish our bodies each day
So why not make it taste great!
With a little planning, a will, and a way
The skies the limit on what we can make!

The joy of cooking is something learned and shared
And it unites the young and the old
A lifelong love that can only be compared
To a treasure more precious than gold!

Alexander Julian 04 July 2019

Education in cooking is very valuable. You're probably in that kind of volume within this poetry that expresses so much in taste and reason. Cooking is great.

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