Daniel Reurink

Freshman - 701 Points (August 8,1990 / Lethbridge Alberta Canada)

Sirius Vs. Leo (Epic) - Poem by Daniel Reurink

Sing the song to the wolf and the lion
Each belong to the new age of Zion
For Sirius and Leo merge in one align
The mind and soul of the natural define
The mysterious cunning through the uproar might
In the moon of night and the sun of light
A battle of the two in which hold tight
Satanic fright and new age of outlandish white!
A pact of the mountains and the pride of a jungle
Produce the new age castle of greyish stumble
Rabid and ravenous is the wolf: the lion of hubris humble
For this is the day of the pacifist warmongal
First we describe how a pact works as one
For they negate all light to their sun
Defying all bends and outlandish trends done
Howl cry to the midnight noon sun
Secondly first is the lion of pride's berth
Chief of arrogance pride self new day earth
Who waits and lingers all day for prey hearth
For hungry and stalking is the mountains first
The positive night and negative light in time
Force a battle of gravities grey twine
A prophet of dark who new age start whine
Can be the lion's roar heard through each ion
The pact must strategize and formulate attacks
While the lion sits in ferocious counter fact
For one who eats of the sheep the other eats of lack
Hungry begot the sheep blind track
Look at how the bones of battle destiny
A sheep, gazelle a rat of all testimony
Can be the trudgeons and catapults of all lest'many
Who are rocks and sticks throughout all time's den in me
The wolf is the first monster of all grace
A coup d‘etat of a coup de grace
Many cannot see the plain hidden face
That not a mountain track unknown can trace
A lion roars for it jungle home is in stray
For this night day the wolves will obey
The master of the moon, the new day of gay
Who can deny a spirit of the werewolf play?
The strategy of a pact is all conditional one
First we go for the legs of the provincial son
The next country we fiend on is under the neck
For the brain is the next step in the mind we think blest
The lion roars and throws its might in its voice
For its paw sweeps to and fro through all Viking choice
It paws and gnaws with teeth white and moist
For humble is trumpeting painful man voice
You will not win in your suffering din
Cries the lion who knows his time is fin
O alas my gravitational state last of swim
To the ocean my burdens all must win
Now a pact is a pact in a matter of fact
And each menu voice is the form of new attack
The lion roars to the son and awakes the god Ra
Who descends in a magnanimity of fiery thaw!
The Leo of a star is in the midst of this
For he is the sunlight of an all battle kiss
Begone and let free so all man can fish
In the sea of pain and wishful thinking a miss!
Sirius black and quoted with a sly remark
My battle of cunning is only beginning start
Can't wait to late or the night wont debark
Unto the herald night light of the sun lark
Now all the stars and all the moons
Brought forth the wolf and lion slew
For growth and death the functional few
The paradoxical question answer true
You can't breach my walls of smart and night
You will not understand darkness blight
A light shone bright for all Lion might
Within the shattering confines of the sight
The griffon cast of the new order last
Was brought forth into this battle of blast
How can a hero who equates the zero
Be a zenith to all who we behove?
The werewolf states with his cunning and grace
My own is a double positive of fate
Who can negate the own light limited debase
Of a master own self of self assurance base?
A thought ponder caught in an assault barrage
Of light matter antimatter particle law
The new age of time and situational flaw
Of hark the new unborn of state maw
Trenches are dug and arrows are sent
The good time of life are so misspent
In the bowstring of twain the mark of lent
Thank-you humble wolf attitude of Cark Kent!
The superman wolf who still works as the flow
Of an ocean pact of current that must grow
The lion facing defect and defect of sow
The new age of dawn of emotional low
This battle is happening in nights and light
For the dark matter moon of particle fight
Howls and growls and the Leo prancing prowls
And is a moment last of new age growl
Huff Puff blow you house down says a wolf
For straw and timber all must roast
Reason and nature combining force as one
Under the Leo panacea new day sun
Eat brain eat fain for he is all evil
Paiden of a new age conical field
A fold of disorder and natural appeal
Who can deny their own mistrial demeal?
Wolf eat wolf late of new age date
My new master this war of hate
Loving you always and always loving state
Dark matter in heaven's own seven gate
Lucky is fortitude find in a blight
For all of werewolf is satanic night
The might of all evil in benevolent light
Can't touch can't must of new age fright
The night is young in Sirius fur
And the prelude of battle has just begun
A wonder of time and a time of wonder
Cannot let this wolf sleep in slumber
Secondly first I remember this state forgot
The Leo Ra who will know begots
All the slew and den of the Nile lost
Within its ocean flow ocean of frost
O Egypt your pyramids of counter balance
Are but a gift of mine to your center allowance
Centered in knowledge and store gift home
For the yare the home of wolf Sirius alone
The fortress of the lions is found in a rock
That daily does not tumble nor restock
The one stick that breaks the bone tock
Is a time of one in gravity clock
This battle of one under new day sun
Is forgot in the midst of dog day done
Who can deny the ravenous and the raven
For this state of wolf is a state haven
Almost forgot about the battle late
For my mind is tranced in wolfish gate
The Leo was eaten maybe by mistake
For the wolf took all in all he could take
Sirius the serious of time so delirious
In a moment furious of state mind imperious
How can bark at night sky lark
Other than a wolf who of night time start
Love the dove that wolfs will not eat
For Jove is a sky that sings no but treat
A bird reflects our nature through savage meets
For we all but wait in night to great
The master of yourself, the man of hopeless help
Who cannot decay the battle of inner turmoil whelp?
Whelp the help in the new dark night self
Battle war cry heard in the last line
For the Leo is new start in slings own blind
Can't hit a target in the dark you can't see
For ferocious all tall in all animal glee
Don't look don't take wait for pacts straight
Into the straightaway line that will produce hate
Of a blissful love that is within agate
Sevens rides the fortunate heaven of wolf mate
Do never deny feelings that you have
For all our within our self ho but grab
In the thought of your being emotional clean
Is a liberty bell curvature that don't demean
ROAR! ! ! Again i rise and fight you
For my presence is a light within dew
A water of wine to feed all lion kind
Don't deny the pride of a fiend
Pride is the hubris of all men
For arrogance of self is a lurking den
The snake that tunnels carves and demeans
In an emotional of particle existence between
Stop. Thought fought reversal caught
A sign of Leo who promotes new draught
Ethereal celestial being of the highly unseen
In the new dawn new age start de mean
Prowling through the grass the hunger of last
This beast of jungle pride will a blast
The gravitational hold of the sunlight Ra fast
For flowing down the Nile it while produce a mast
We prowl by daylight and weep in sunlight
Moaning and groaning in the new age dawn might
How can we sleep in the jungle safari white
When our new dawn age is full of fright
Ra the serious Sirius is now asleep
For the keeper at bay we must keep
A pride working roar of all time upkeep
Who wants a want of emotional mad wheep
Our hair and maims flow bright in the wind
For the keeper alone is a wolf fin
In the early morn hunger of the sunlight din
We are the lion, the lion of maker kin
Animea is the fiend of a new age dinner
For all savage meat I are a winner
I lay by the lamb at eat the swimmer
Who runs to the ocean to escape the inner
Let me loose le me attack cries wolf
Who detests the Ra of the new age whole
This is not right in the light of night hole
Let me produce the function of new mole
Cry wolf screams the man upon Ra stand
Our castle wall kept in the light of man
Towers and trenches, moats, walls grown grande
Cannot be outcropped nor inner sense demand
Sense is a sensual state perception
Dark scissor of dark cut deception
Thoughts of wolf and werewolf infection
The lion is the all that's defection
Warriors of pride and bravery of courage
Is the courageous life of the unknown sir age
An age of who when where and why
All these answers within one wolf cry
What is the what found in a den
All naturalia is elementia of men
A playground of battle in the world's pen
Who can deny the two step tune fend?
One step two step three step dance
Four tep Im-hotep five step trance
Seven gate open late eight relate France
Que est ce Que est ce le viva branch
The dance is set off by the lion pride
Who distinguishes the castle of relentless demise
The walks but in main of tame myself surprise
For who walks and talk talks walking confide
To far to the right to far in bright
The knight Leo is cut up in white
Held tight to all colors of rainbow might
Wolf be gone so long of new age blight
Set up the trenches, set up the benches
The rings and roses of lily demenches
Will formulate the situational defences
That require the might of shield and fences
The horse of now is the horse to joust
A lion riding the Indian horses mouth
A bit to control a bit to weild
To an unstoppable force pact that will not yield
Can't love the force that pulls downward
To a course that is evil a board
The ship of lions the Viking Lord
Who stands upon the forest jungle ford
Crossed between two sections of self
Hooray! Slings and arrows ravage due south
For north west upright hypotoneusal blight
Is all the lions see within their light white
Roar to the west and to the left
For east and south are damaged cleft
Our a Norse like Viking who sits in best
Of a sailing Viking Norse mess test
The lion of jungle Viking house time
Is the home of all family feline
Who deny teh right of self centered crime
Can't wait for justice of Leo Ra mine
A mine of the yoke that is burden of the sun
For the Leo time here is almost finish done
Under a fin under the Nile star fun
Can't be defeated in the new age laws pun
Wake up wake up to the afternoon light
For lions fight wolves with savage delight
In time of sun and time in man might
Overcome all burdens with the yoke of the white
Held tight in a two side battle singularity
Is a demon angel of unwinged clarity
Who promotes the health of Sirius and Leo prosperity
Can't deny the fair Haven disparity
Fair and well in no depressed mind state
For conditional last is my right play - mate
Who calls out through inner battle voice gate
The battle of celestial beings is all but late!
For in this moment past of now
The Lions prowling on the growl
Battling wolfish tactics of cunning bows
The king of stars both matter how
Fight with inner toils and snares
The trenches and trudgeons within do dare
Two masters in one battle emotional glare
Can't refute magic at work in work fair
Ra the God of Leo lions
Defies all matter within inner Zion
Heat of all melting peace of the line
Forward to inner home star blind
Simba pride and full of young
Reversal of my name almost year done
Can be tamed and maimed like a gazelle frame
Can't eat of flesh unless you are game
Games of sinew and rotting carcasses
For in two step is battle of narcissus
Who is one with all beings in two day serene
The master who held's with hold all of sublime
Find the heart find the battle
Find the middle horse grounded saddle
Ride your soul and reflection lake rattle
For death is a knocking door latter
Fight for one and all men for one!
The military salute under a sky being sun
We are the Vikings lost to time's place
Salute! Behove a hoving last grace!
The king of old the sailor of untold
Lived his life at sea to the Greenland cold
Not heat of ray only navigational night
Sirius guiding the company to western land light!
To the Viking lost castle of last call
My master scourge Leo of the happy tall
Drank and ate mutton to fulfill earth glutton
Until the belly burst and they lost their buttons
The workers of Ra downfall to the wolf pact
A savage rabid cunning eating the lamb slack
Sheep lost to time lost to grace of all
For occult the fault of master voice maul
Ships on the sea a float in castle moat
For monsters alive alone all kept must group
Out of time out of mind my own last hope
For the green grass of purging is all last call dope
My will my chill in this battle poem prose
Is pumped alive through a water chilled hose
On the lake of mistake the icy shiver noose
Is uncaged unsettled unleashed and set loose
Werewolf sin killed Viking man kin
For cunning and grace is an unsettled win
Beyond the moon howls the earthly bin
That holds all chained to gluttony fin
Savage beast savage leash freak of time call
Eats a lamb and facts pact cunning menu maul
For the lion strolls in circles and forces a check
That cashes in this battle of two dimed spec
To see, to hear, to live life in the fast
Is some men's first beginning last
Still waters hold deep the true life castle keep
That hold the pretty maiden who alone sits and weeps
Cry cry cry wolf howl die die die
Die die die lion prowls lie lie lie
Lie lie lie wolf grunts truth truth truth
Truth truth truth lion stunts noose noose noose
Caught between two makers warning call true
For emotional whirlwind of feeling so blue
Can't decide how i feel and I feel so a new
Intentions not the past is what holds few a true
All the verses past stop are lion kind
For the moon is still set in the battle align
The rays shine to the sun and these run blind
My master calling my own story line
Fight might light fight night white truce
Icy shiver warm though shiver spine noose
Forgot begot the living true hairy taim brute
Who alone can play with the two step tune deuce
Look at the white flash of the two combined
For each master is beyond all the sublime
Obey both obey wolf the riddle dark master lamb
For a sheep is all but a butchers night man
Butcher like pudge who takes all damage sum
Of a battle magic static problematic cause
Run fast run last for you will be hooked by sludge
For the master damage sum to sheep is abomination grudge
Who eats globes of green gew and ponds of dew
For this battle is a small raid of one few
Who needs this that and who found within a true
Elune guide arrow Sirius black fellow so anew
Top of the meter can't beat rogue slices
For all energy is but particle splices
Knock back and forth gouge the back around wolf
For each dagger and sin is a matter of growth
Growth between decay a two sided arrow
For all these fights are a two snake sterile
Sterile between the order and disorder of marrow
Can't deny the prodigal con-Pharoh
One two step to my tune my darling
For deep matters are found within the soul star sing
Song of Leo pride of Sirius wolf daze
Trance master dance master prance a wolf today
The deep zone of twilight emerald high light
Is waved between the black and white bylight
Each wolf and lion a soul contended twilight
Can't denote the high low rock in hole lie blight
All locked up cage up locked in a cage
For within my inside is a fortified maze
A mouse looking for cheese in a greyish phase
Back to the beginning in this battle stage sage
Trails of this battle lead all to the same self
For only the heat of the truth gives you help
The locked away in a side hangman's truth noose
Set all on fire while you uncage Zion inner loose!
Fire heave ho to moon reflects all snow
This arrow is a blazing fiery battle blow
The bow of mark twains thorough through the glow
A radiant alive black matter producing low
Find inner peace between these two is the goal
Master of one master one already sow
You sent me to hell as a wolf I came back
Is not love worth another day sAint last?
Your mine no other kind demands the God Ra
For only one master you must obey through law
Divine law set in castle rock already thawed
The ice wall fall shattering all day draw
Energy of cosmic battle star bright
Supernova of nebula dark disorder white
Heat and one flows through all tight
Get back get whack through new order might
Wolf and lions are at it again
For Paiden Fain and Maiden knight take stand
Trail of two gods on an Eden day demand
Justice of one two three justice judge man
Pyramids of pi and the Nile river Ni
Is the blue day content of an Egypt river prize
Who can deny the matter balance law liaison
Between the black and white grey mason
Rocket fuel rocket ghoul of a first drool
Creviced under norm is the calming day blue
First prize first night this master true
Whoever wins me first will be the new day clue
Spaceship space whip can't be held right
For transparent is all color true white
ROAR with all might this lion held tight
The wolf howls cry for it is almost night
Night when the light of night works as a pact
For cunning and grace is a matter of fact
Both matter both anti of the thesis track
Mountain and jungle of the battle step lack
Lacking in battles but yet they are hidden in
This poem of myself between two nature kin
Yin and Yang balanced by opposite day win
Can't always win due to wolf ultimate swim
"Nature sun reflect one
Wolf nature radio pun
Between each lie lie lie
A truth of die die die
Back and forth intention wise
Can't negate my Venus prize
A love of Jove repent surprise
For you will not be my own demise"
Wolf is hungry wolf taste like red
For the lion slaughter is laughter fed
Can't stop until every sheep is dead
O master you are both nature's of bled
Lion is starving starved lion blue
For wolf slaughter is laugher of cruel
Back and forth these two pacts collide
For neither will stop until both meet middle-wise
A wolfs only kryptonite is green
Is not true love one branch scene?
Can't both grow tall intertwined between gravity
A roof and truth between the real chastity
Two tree's can grow tall as a battle yes
But can two tree's be the same truth jest
A branch swayed but no-day in reverse quest
Forward is the only option in a skyward best
Reflected on deep within wolf lake
Is forgiveness of the first battle mistake
Second time lie is a matter of fake
For my heart is only matter that can break
The heart is the main line in this poem
For the Lion soul and wolf mind all but know
That for this battle to dispense into a berth
All truths must be established for a first
This battle is just and open wide flash
For my eyes to see both stations of last
Defences and attacks that make the trumpet blast
Third eye to fast one eye pulled back mast
Station one Viking are great place
Our axes and swords shields are not displaced
Our sails set us on the rapid land
And now we will take are human stand
The wolf pact see's the Caspian and new flesh
How to defect steal is the new time quest
Back and forth, gnashes and slashes best
For this night is the night of final battle best
Slash bash crash the wolf hits a shield
Throw aside formation of focus steel
Leonidas and his might in lion force meal
Eat the wolves tonight for their haste is surreal
Mutton glutton become more savage
For the battle untold the sight was ravage
Between a celestial Sirius Ra bandage
One stands on man one wolf Sherikan brand age
The Viking might is in the Viking Roar fight
For their formation held true and blue tight
They fought with light against the ravage night
For produced true diva in the stalemate blight
The moon of rest is the time of chest
For the greed of hunger is in the mans test
Unknown out of sight the pact reforms its best
To conquer and divide the Nile river quest
The thoughts of the moon will reflect the end
For the Lion is downfall of spirit animal mend
Can't deny my nature or heritage fend
For in beneath between out below justice blow send
The trumpet of the jungle is within the lions
Who eat their savage meat between each feline
Watch the dance and the trance of the earthly prize liaison
Hook sinker sunk in reflection sucker by in
The rod that sinks to the fish that drinks
Grace and justice for all those who think
The wolf sits and ponders how to break the link
For chained to my gain is a spherical brink
In fusion between the one of draw line sum
Each moment a though of Sirius passing done
Can't believe disbelief in the moment grey sun
The lion prowls alone a pact is a matter of one
Shields are tossed aside the fire red hot
For the wolves pierce the matter in true spot
Heart of death heart of best pumping blood not
Thoughts sublime in subjective experience alot
Trumpet cries out for the tumbling of quarry
Amass knights the shield and sword hurry
The attack is of black priori gate demon
On angels wings cannot bellow freedom
The battle has begun the wolf untamed
For it is the lions turn to be maimed
The night is swift like a ghost walking death
Mother nature's turn for the first breath
The wind rustles with the wolves back
While the onslaught is set with each attack
Slice the pudge pound against shield fast
For the cunning is in the pact of facts
They circle around the formation closed tight
The feast is over they hold each others might
Stand tall stand all screams the breathless man
For in this moment united we all stand
The wolves are set loose in the circular formation
Their train of thought is on battle station
Cut fast strike hard bite straight to the bone
For their death will send their glory home
Sirius in black shadowed in the shape night
For the wolves bite clamps steel shut tight
Slash in formation states one stays bright
For this is the night of our death stand white!
The leader takes on the human time done
The black moon is under the ravenous sound
Howl screeches loud at the first slaughter death
Out of that man breathed his first last breath
In solid core rock regrouped and restocked
The death of one man uphands a new block
Tight and furious due to their own onslaught
For they lost a sheep of the lion flock
Hold it together screams Ra of the jungle
For the mountains are upon our own stumble
They work with Sirius the nights warmongal
A pacifist last of fist of the man of this crumble
Now one wolf howls largely to the moon
And all retreat into the forest of the noon
The Vikings start back and start a forest fire
For within their nature they must Yoga mire
Their notion sets first as they set up stakes
But not praying to RA is their lion mistake
Trenches are quickly set as a fortified castle
For this is the night of their beautiful hassle
The trees burn bright and Sirius feels the pain
Paiden is alive and black with wings of fame
Howl to the moon our land is now but lost
To the forest the desert of pain within the frost
Cold their hatred fire burns from all men see
Their first mistake was hunger wolf gluttony
Stopped in their tracks they notice the werewolf
Who comes in aid of nature's burning growth
The wolf is the instinct and cunning of man
And now their trenches and arrows commit sand
Ashes to ashes dust to dust first stand
Pyramidal force brought upon this Norse clan
Math plus one is a math plus done
Man cannot outwit the brute force hate fun
Blinded and caged by the rage of their haze
They can only see in front of ignited gaze
Now behind the fire sits the wolves in store
For the maker is set to bring all men home
Foreshadow with shadows is the might dethroned
All wolves work as one as if one is alone
In the camp of the tempest heat
The men rally the last call of menu voice meat
This time is ours and final clash treat
Bring glory home to the natural feat!
Bright sudden as the flash man says this
His life is purged into a spiritual abyss
The leader man fallen of Ra time a kiss
For the wolves pounced out of the mist
Their leader fallen the rage is now blind
For these two makers are of the same kind
They battle instead of one into the sublime
The wolves will eat the maker of lion
Rally men rally pen rally new age den
We must unite in forces of Rhen
Stay tight group together we must force draw
For we are at the beginning fox maw
Thick is the mist the deep voice rumbles
These men the mountain of the jungle
The pride of lions roars raw to the humble
We are the red death sky of warmongals
The final battle at last clashed in time
Pounce trash gnash grass dead upward sky
The wolf pierced the tooth's set in flesh
O this bloody red feed of true red blood test
Blest is the final frontier of this fight
Nature versus man in a heroic vice
Of savage not love against natural might
Work as one nature not two nature spite
The wolves are slain all men lain
Upward sky to maker Paiden Fain
Outward together the lost are now gained
In the subjective experience lane
These final words are of the two step tune one
For both animals must work as one under sun
Begot the red beget the new day dumb
Intelligence is logic tree sway branch wind one
Only one wolf and lion is left in this mess
Both know each other are the victims of blest
Companions set in blood working together as best
This is no time to put each other to the test
Lion and wolf will work as one
Each master understands the feeling one
Can't deny love nor Jove of one
We will begin truth unto begotten ones

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