Sister Valsa Poem by umaprosad das

Sister Valsa

Sister Valsa felt the sufferings and pain
Of the poor, ignorant and innocent
And came to live in so humble condition,
In so odds and adversities amongst them
To fight for their right and benediction.

She got rented a tribal’s thatched shed,
And a humble cot of wild-wood made,
With some ordinary cooking utensils,
Sacrificing all comforts, cozy life and skill,
To deal against exploitation, greed and ill.

At Pachuara’, in Dumka, she settled down
At a backward remote village of tribal region,
With a strong and determined will power to fight,
For the cause of the poor and for their right,
To save them, make them happy and bright.

But the cruelty and jealousy did not spare her
She was butchered down by the mighty’s anger,
As she opposed against their interest and gain,
Against economic, social and sexual exploitation.
But she failed to get help from local administration.

She raised a strong voice for the tribal lass,
Who got kidnapped and raped and left alas!
Being failed to lodge FIR with local police Officer,
She prepared to go to the Police Commissioner,
Before that, the cruel lynched her to death for ever.

Alas, many of the good souls and precious lives
Who pick up and start many good efforts and drives
For the benefit of the society, poor and needy,
Often become the victims by exploiter and greedy.
God! Help great souls to work and progress in steady!

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