Six Decades Of My.....Life Poem by Tribhawan Kaul

Six Decades Of My.....Life

Today I am completing 66 years with the blessings of every one
associated with me worldly or virtually.
Six decades of my...... life

Released after nine months
of quarantine in mother’s womb
taking my first breath
measuring the world
infusing the warmth
like the first rays of the sun
touching the heart of greens.

Portrait of innocence painted
painter being the first decade
what was impressionable
absorbed at every stage
eager to learn, by hit and trial
everyone watched me
with surprise and glee.

Enjoyment, an underestimate
during the second decade
kissed, held, tapped, kicked-football like
passing from doves to hounds
defender-fullback-forward & back
ultimately never missing a goalee
landing into safe hands to the cheering of crowd.

Wisdom tooth was an indication
time for some hard decision
third one was tumultuous
terrain proved to be most treacherous
winner I was not, in the game of snakes and ladders
life was sad became sadder
Divine power held me together.

Fourth saw me rise in esteem
was loved by everyone like an ice-cream
learning by mistakes and making amends
world was merciless, knew the trends
path I trod was simple and straight
pondering at crossroads was not my fate
was on high during this decade.

Aging with grace, of some substance
seeking HIM was no nonsense
searched within, that flame of life
but alas! The fruit was not yet ripe
like ordinary mortals struggled to survive
child of lost GOD could not thrive
case of lost opportunities was fifth decade.

De-stressing self with poetic mind
all the anger was then to subside
brain the ink, hand the pen
heart the paper, lap the den
sixth saw me getting into the groove
expression, my companion, on the move
jotted the feelings now and then.

Journey of life yet not complete
till last breath, shall I tweet
may meet next life the ONE, to get so chiselled
shine in the world like a diamond
yet never to shirk from any challenges
want to be humane, not like sages
poems an outlet, expressing my emotions.

Journey of life not yet complete................?
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Copyright reserved by Tribhawan Kaul/01-01-2012

Tribhawan Kaul

Tribhawan Kaul

Srinagar (J & K) India
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