The Martyr Poem by Tribhawan Kaul

The Martyr

Rating: 4.8

Lotus blooms only in mud
bleeding wounds do give solace
colour, caste, religion matter not
flag of pride and ownership do.

Nectar and poison drawn
from churning a rouge entity,
for everyone to reap
gruff of a lion is enough for sheep
yet clever is fox in numerous garbs.

Poison of hatred everywhere
drink like Neelkantha*, spare the nectar
for those, who need it the most
heaven is hidden somewhere there
raise the bar there is nothing to fear
your body may be consigned to flames
But not YOU, never ever.
All rights reserved/Tribhawan Kaul

*Hindu religious scriptures (mainly Shiv Puran) say that during the great churning of sea by Gods and Demons, nectar and poison both were produced. None was prepared to consume poison (Halahal) but that had to be consumed otherwise that would have made entire sea poisonous. So Lord Shiva took the poison for the benefit of all but did not swallow it and kept it in his throat making his entire neck bluish. The Lord since then came to be known as ‘Neel Kantha ‘ (Having Blue coloured throat) also.
Abhishek Mishra 05 October 2013

Informative poem with a great message...liked it: -)

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Deepak Sawhney 05 October 2013

A good free flowing poem with a great message. However, you may wish to focus a little on the technical aspect on the format of 4,5,7 lines in stanzas. Rhyme or free flow is your personal choice.

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 05 October 2013

colour, caste, religion matter not flag of pride and ownership do. finest way to sum up a profound truth, mostly ignored! a great poem indeed.

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Lucifera Santez 05 October 2013

well written, loved it. :)

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Neela Nath Das 04 October 2013

I know the story, but never read in such a beautiful form.

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Marvin Brato 01 November 2013

Truly expressive....succinct write, thanks for sharing!

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Jarea` Poet 08 October 2013

gruff of a lion is enough for sheep yet clever is fox in numerous garbs. I like the lion to sheep relation in this... then the fox in garbs line.. beautiful...

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Valsa George 05 October 2013

Yes, someone has to be the saviour or martyr for others to live in peace! When we undertake some sacrifice for the commmon good, much of our comforts and even our existence may be in peril, but the inner entity in us will be enriched. Here I am reminded of Mahathmaji! A great narration with a lofty theme! !

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Wahab Abdul 05 October 2013

this poem of yours is different from rest of your narration, in styles and tones...plot quite good...use of language is modern too....movement of thoughts quite praise's a great successful poetry! Kudos to it 10

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Ramesh Rai 05 October 2013

A great write sir. Lord Shiva consumed poison, so he is Mahadev. in one of my poem THE PAINS OF A POET i have written the far about the title concern n first two stanza, it gives an universal message to lead the life being free from all inferior complexities. lotus blooms in mud xactly rose blooms in thorn. a good definition of martyr is composed here. loved your ink.

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