Tribhawan Kaul Poems

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After Death

Whispers of ‘rest in peace’
vibrating entire cosmos
a departed soul watching

I Am Not A Poet?

I am not a poet?

I am not a poet, mutated in womb
I am not a poet, born with a silver spoon

The Martyr

Lotus blooms only in mud
bleeding wounds do give solace
colour, caste, religion matter not
flag of pride and ownership do.

The Women

This world is, because of the woman
this universe is, because of the woman
nothing exists without the woman
our existence is, because of the woman.

Musing Of An Autistic

Love knows no boundaries yet lacks conviction
Wondering why the sea is noisy yet so calm
Shore allows waves to touch and back they go
Sand watch helplessly as none applies balm.

A Morning In An Indian Village

Rising sun in the horizon
a fireball in space
like a bride of first night
blushing and gushing

Water (Children's Day Special)

Drink water
Which is pure
It is healthy
That is sure.

Concerned (A Story Poem)

He loved her, so was concerned
as counseling did no good to her
about her mental agony
so deciding to bring her out of shell.

Six Seasons In India (In Senryu Series.)

Love in the air
Festivals galore

A Simple Poem: - Poems

Poems are like flowers
Seed sowed in the mind
Inked through heart
Flowering in different ways