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Slum Dog Millionaire - Poem by Sandra Martyres

We keep asking why so much fanfare
About the film –“Slum dog Millionaire”
This is not an attempt to sound grim
About the popularity of the now famous film
But to understand why the world only applauds
Films on poverty and its dark innards
Signifying that only the worst side of the city
Brings out feelings of sympathy and pity
Could it have not portrayed a more
Balanced image of India to even the score
There are definitely pillars of great progress
The burgeoning middle class who sincerely stress
On good moral values and the importance of education
Giving us pride of place and a high degree of perfection
In many areas involving high technology
We can seriously claim to be the best globally

But of course on the other hand all is not bad
There is even reason to be glad
Danny Uncle has won the heart of many a slum kid
Thanks to him they will from their poverty be rid
They can even harbour dreams of entering Hollywood
If not, at least they can aspire for a career in Bollywood
These natural little actors would have remained inconnu
Had they not been selected to be part of the Slum dog milieu
For that they have to thank Danny Boyle
Who tirelessly worked with these little sons of the soil
But we like many others too would have been a lot happier
Had the movie had painted a less bleak picture of India.

Comments about Slum Dog Millionaire by Sandra Martyres

  • Allemagne Roßmann (4/19/2009 9:22:00 AM)

    In India a problem grave is what democracy is not there.People bribe to get jobs everywhere still now and if you go to nationalised banks specially Delhi and Calcutta or Mumbai(no idea about South) , you shall perhaps never get a guy of my age working there.I dunno where are all the money going when each year millions of people throught India sit for banking service examinations as probationary officers.I have a relative in Mumbai who is so chuckle-headed that he would never even clear a common admission test.I remember his father used to be a secretary with the then some Marathi MLA and he managed to have an edge on all others.Strange as it is he now earns nearly 70-80K what he tells in his right hand.I do not know how many times he has to scratch his hair or how many hair he still has in his entire body for the amount in left-hand he earns everyday.There could be only but a few guys working as showpiece backed up by some MLA/MP or whatsoever connection.Otherwise life is all hell for middle-class.For girls there is a chance of winning laurels if they could sell off their divine attributes in the form of fresh flesh like film heroines do to become role models.The laws are all set against the poor.So the western countries specially UK where Danny people says has his origin from and where even PM Tony Blair's wife was prosecuted for not entiring the platform with a ticket.....and where corruption if there could be around 20% at a very high level...they feel pity on the poorer sections of India who are hard hit.British citizens eher be it any colour gets benefits for their chauvinism that they have nothing to do in their life when we pay so much taxes for their amenities.Thats it.We have to accept it otherwise if they want to work themselves as for now after generations when they are again revolting....and the government is freezing money in the name of recession to kick Asians or non-EU citizens out of US or allies UK.We just have to accept Boyle's filmographic venture as we accepted Boyle's law of gases and temperature and pressure then.It is just like that.Indians are helpless in India can they demand help or a brighter picture of them from someone with a different religious ideology and more so different skin layer and culture which swept through india for 190 years of colonialism after the arabs who started masquerading india's parts from 1100 Anno domini onwards and now i find some malayalee keralites down my house here in london chanting christian songs who converted themselves, corrupted their own culture when for promotion of a man he has to bribe his senior offering his own wife in bargain(what i heard from this mallu guy here) ...and that they get doles to chant it unlike hindu governments who wont even give them a wallet to beg for alms.Even a dentist girl am acquainted with from Pune, Maharashtra opines the same.Shameful as it is, but we over 1000 of years could not salvage our pride.We cannot become lions but at least we can become a thick-skinned rhino being indifferent to all this things.Time is the best healer.

    For your poetic efforts i must give you a 10.wonderful once again.
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  • Meggie Gultiano (4/8/2009 9:00:00 AM)

    what i saw in that movie was the value it portray..the value of love of a brother to his brother.Nothing else.But i am glad you have to be open about it..The reality too must be conveyed.Love this Sandra..a lovely and great piece.
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  • (4/8/2009 1:28:00 AM)

    iam a person who does'nt believe in competition regarding creativity of any form..what you would think of and write would'nt even cross my is a field where individuality stands...regardless of the oscar win..the movie was an interesting one..though it did pull a lot of legs crorepathy programme to start with...if not for the oscar win the movie's content would'nt have made a great impact...i myself am not a very proud indian sandra (Report) Reply

  • (4/7/2009 3:02:00 PM)

    I haven't seen the film Sandra but I saw it hailed as the feel good film of the year....not sure how they turn a violent film about the desperation of some countries people into to feel good...but you are seems to want to see films that show the good side of anything much today...having said that...excellent write...10 (Report) Reply

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