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A Banker's Prayer

Rating: 3.7
Dear God,
Let our borrowers pay us back
We can take no more flack
We have to remain on track
Or face the inevitable sack
Governments, tax payers, citizens
You name them
They are watching us
With focussed eagle eyes
We are literally surrounded by spies

Any whiff about a distressed asset
Or a loan turning toxic
Even if it is only an empty rumour
Is enough to send our stocks south ward
And of course provide the usual fodder
For dinner time conversations
Which continue to dwell unendingly
On the familiar greed narrative

Bankers’ bonuses and compensation
Are believed to have been the cause
Of the recent financial crisis
Apparently we did deliberately
Court disaster by
Totally disregarding long term risk
Just to take home meatier pay packages
Dear God it this were really true
We would not be here now
Offering this fervent prayer to you
Ryson Dsouza 26 March 2016
very well expressed the thoughts in words... thanks for sharing! ! ! , , ,
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Ryson Dsouza 26 March 2016
very well expressed the thoughts in words... thanks for sharing! ! !
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Janani Ashwin 25 December 2009
I understand your viewpoint in toto and you have expressed the underlying feel very very well................janani
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James Casey 23 November 2009
Sandra, As I understand it, the government forced lenders to make loans to people who couldn't possibly afford to pay for their payments. They were given loans on false information and no one was checking their data because it would not be politically correct to question anyones statements. Then when the interest rates changed, by less than a point, they expected the government to step in and save them. We bought our first house at an interest rate of 15 % because we were a poor risk. Now the banks beg me to borrow money, because my credit is good. It all falls back on the premise that it is always someone elses fault for my errors in life.... Your poem reflected that, good job Jim
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Ben Gieske 09 October 2009
It is encouraging to find that you are one of the poets who cares about what happens in our society and now have made your voice heard. I hope we all can join you and write so well. Every voice helps.
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Ravi A 08 October 2009
A well constructed poem. A good theme also. As a bank employee I can say that it is the political intervention that sends a bank to reeling. People get a feeling that they need not repay their loans. Government also injects in their minds similar ideas. How can a bank survive then? Can an individual spare a borrower? In the case of any bank people have a different idea about this. This is not fair.
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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 07 October 2009
a well thought of poem shan
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Eyan Desir 03 October 2009
Well sounds like greedy man Prayers to God shouldn't be like this but good write
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Robert E Hann 02 October 2009
The lonely banker loses all and no one seems to care. But all that money's still around, and I just want a share. I would gladly clean the vault, and dust the teller's tills for a little pile or two of fifty dollar bills.
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Sathyanarayana M V S 29 September 2009
So true, Scathing. Let this kind of poems wash our society clean.
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