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My friends call my Coreena that's my name!
Sweet and innocent I proclaim!
I'm a taurus stubborn as can be!
Meet me and at first you'll agree!
Raised in the Michigan outside Detroit City.
I'll be known to show you up, I'm very witty.
I ...

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Sreelekha Premjit 08 March 2008

I like your spirit. I can see the fiesty army girl fighting it out in your poems.

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♥ 03/04/2008 B Crying Because I Love ♥

When we are over were not over I'll be your friend,
Sorry that our passionate love didn't last till the end,
I still love you so very much this is so true,
I could have spent every moment of my life with you.

I imagined my self having your child,
A precious little baby that looked up and smiled.
To live our lifes till death did us part,
But it won't happen doomed from the start.

It hurts that I know this chapter of us will close,
I hate to say it but we weren't meant for each other, I suppose.
The pain that I feel the tears brought by you,
Your lies broke me down, lies more than a few.

I gave you so many chances and so much time,
My tears falling writing - typing every line!
I will always love you and if you ever need me I'll be there,
What I had with you no one could compare.

March 2008 - (Dedicated to Vernon Burchett)

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