Society Of Slavery Poem by Daniel Partlow

Society Of Slavery

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There are at least 27 million in the bonds of absolute slavery
Every country around the world plays host to this industry unsavory
Though everywhere it is supposedly outlawed
In many places, the enforcement is terribly flawed.
Despite all the legislative good intentions and putative bravery.

Many more though not strictly slave, if you dare define this disaster.
Live at the whim of despot, warlord, pimp, and harem master
Slowly or quickly bent to accept as right their lowly fate.
When today the world accepts as inevitable, realistic, and innate.
The sadness and evil multiplies fast like yeast, and tomorrow ever faster.

Armies of families faced with abject destitution
Selling or stealing armies of our children into forced prostitution.
Pressed by gun, and threat, and drug,
Kept there by a global shrug.
‘tis a pity we have so many U.N. in-humanitarian institution.

But you cannot just blame the Sicilian and the Saud,
Nor the African, the Indian, or even God,
Many ‘secular’ and appeasing policy
Supports this regime of human larceny
When in the name of libertarian immorality we applaud.

Hundreds of millions live in some servile bond unending.
Though free on paper, constant new debts their chains appending.
Everywhere we see the creation of this vile caste.
Despite the mountains of blessings we have amassed.
Both rich and poor freely adorn irons in the proud parades of the law-offending.

There is yet another chain-gang six billion shackles long.
Where the prisoners act as each others wardens: the chain links are strong.
Though all hold a universal skeleton key.
So many shun the idea of becoming truly free.
Refusing to leave the jail-house cell are so many of the Earthly throng

Our families in abject slavery need our assistance and our prayers.
Our families blindly marching against the law: the worldly ignorance impairs.
Ourselves, we must be freed through repentance.
Lord help us to help each other end iniquitous sentence.
And in your law, your perfect kingdom take release, retreat, repair.

Daniel Partlow 30 July 2008

Thank you James, and, if you read carefully, it is also about his own self-defeating self-enslaving commitment to sin.

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James B. Earley 29 July 2008

Passionately you write of another sad example..........of.......Man's inhumanity to Man!

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Linda Hepner 26 April 2007

The thought of slavery today is sickening but that reaction hasn't been around for very long and slavery is condoned by neglect when it suits society. See what the news reported even this week from India. Biblical law is strict on the matter: slaves not only had to be treated decently even if they were taken in battle but they could not be separated from their spouses and had to be freed after a certain period. If the slave refused to leave he had to have his ear pinned to the doorpost as if the law is saying you have turned down your God-given right to freedom and this is the result: you have chained yourself to this family. This poem is strong and bitter, and the title is well chosen.

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Will Brophy 18 April 2007

Sometimes I don't even think that they ever intended to take slavery away although I know they did. The sadest part of this world is that there are so many people that don't seem to even want to use their key anymore.

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