Somebody Wrote A Poem, For Love Poem by Vicky Iliaens

Somebody Wrote A Poem, For Love

You dreamed what I wrote.
Or did I write what you dreamed?
It was there and it will always be there anyway.

Since then, much water has flowed to the sea.
we tasted the highest waves of euphoria and we tasted the deepest dephts in the deepest sorrows.
But one thing was constant, we kept each other upright,
we dried each other's tears and if that did not go we would shed them together.

Thank you my love, thank you for the past few months.

If this is a taste for the rest of my life, I agree immediately.
despite the sadness that was
because the happiness was so much bigger, more beautiful and more intimate.

this just has to go on, stop it no longer. To that end, we are too intimately connected and too much to each other. We just go our way, honest and sincere with open visor, right trough sea.

we do not wish for any victories,
We will not stand anyone in the way.
We only want luck for ourselves and as many people as possible around that,
therefore we will always be together, because we follow the right path because we love each other because our cup of happiness will always be at least half full and because our cup of sorrow will always be at least half-empty.

dear, i want to go with you,
hand in hand,
I love you,
And remember, even though I was exhausted, and you could not go on, I'll carry you wherever you want.

I love you for the rest of my life (and If you want even after that)

(already under a copyright)

Thursday, September 7, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: love,poem
crazy in love but so sincere, a vulnarable soul exposed.....this poem has 2 authors because: it is mainly written by my passed father who had a high trust in sharing poetry, his poems went to me with an add back and furth, and because copyright does not pass on to the children automatically it is still under a copyright from himself, myself and a third party
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