Wanderer Poem by Vicky Iliaens


Rating: 3.5


an unprecedented tour,
a trip out of nowhere,
into the unknown

an infinite journey,

I stray by my own thoughts
I wander from the path,
sometimes near,
sometimes far away

wanderer in own soul
so am I

away from own soul,
away from self,

Wanderer, that's me
wanderer in own soul
wanderer in this me
Wanderer I am
Wanderer anyone can be.

Saturday, September 2, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: psychological
Chinedu Dike 20 June 2018

A well articulated piece of poetry written with clarity of thought and mind. Beautiful work of art. Thanks for sharing vicky and do remain enriched.

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Ravinder Soni 02 September 2017

You have taken offence. Yes, the cited phrase – ‘I stray by own thoughts’ – indicates a very long experience of dos and don’ts, likes and dislikes etc; this realization very few have acquired, therefore I said- ‘It is a very mature thought indeed’ - appreciating its feel. Keep on writing and bring the best out of you. You and I seem to sail in the same boat, English is neither your first language nor mine yet we hang around exploring its diction and grammar.

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Ravinder Soni 02 September 2017

'I stray by my own thoughts' - a very mature thought indeed.

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Vicky Iliaens 02 September 2017

well thank you for your very open opinion, I am happy to read that opinions do indeed not always seem to be the same, which is fine, perfect, yet I do regret you couln't quite taste it or perhaps even understand it? Not that I'd blame the reader because I should rewrite this one as it goes pretty deep but originally was written in Dutch, I'm worried my translations aren't done as it should

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