Vicky Iliaens Poems

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A Story About Two Frogs In A Bucket Of Milk, Do You Know It?

Just a story not a poem about two frogs in a bucket of milk.
Two frogs fell into a bucket of milk,
they kept going and going to get out but suddenly one of the frogs asked the other one ' what is the point if we are both anyway going to drown in milk? I give up! '
The other frog replied to his soulmate of the moment ' listen dude, if you give up now you will indeed be lost but if you keep on trying you never know we will both make it out of here '



an unprecedented tour,
a trip out of nowhere,

From Silent Sadness To The River

*under spellingcheck! *
sadness in silent flowerchalises,
next to the loneliness of the riverbank

Somebody Wrote A Poem, For Love

You dreamed what I wrote.
Or did I write what you dreamed?
It was there and it will always be there anyway.

Butterfly With Its Wings So Brittle

Like a butterfly,

so am i here

From Love To Perhaps Shame

He laid me on a bed of roses,
No not to just touch ,
only to acts of love
Thorns always present,

Happy B-Day In Heaven!

Poppies align themselves,
the Moon manifests itself
and the tears come from your loved ones now,

Sorry Without Words

when the sorry comes

Words that you said
and wherefrom you know you'd never say them again,

Sad Forest

the forest weeps, yes the forest is saddened.
clouds form fogs and cover the trees in subtile drops of water,
creeks cross eachother, as sand rises up to smother
and leave trees hollow and waters so shallow,

A Note From A Silently Noisy Poet To Another

What makes us human is heart and soul.
what makes the heart is what makes it hit,

where the soul is just an inner being, only there really is humanity.

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