Someone There To Help! Poem by Becky Ginn

Someone There To Help!

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Today I spoke to one of my male teachers
He was really kind to me
He gave advice, was really nice
And is helping me when I need it

He has given his time up for me
Now that's dedication
I don't know any other teachers that would do that
All throughout the nation

He is more like a friend than a teacher now
I know I can trust him with what I say
I've not told him the most important bit yet
I don't know what he'll say

I can't tell him it all, or can I?
I just don't want anyone else to know
They'll call me a freak and hurt me again
My mind is too and fro

I can't cope anymore, it's so not fair
What will he say when I tell him
Will he think i'm a freak
Or will he just help me

That's what i'm looking for
Help and guidence
Throughout my life
Because at the minute it is just a mess! !

Mary Nagy 19 January 2006

Becky, I'm glad you've found a teacher that is offering to be there for you. We all need that. I hope you are able to straighten things out for yourself......I know how troubling those horrible teen years can be! Take care Becky. Sincerely, Mary

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Ernestine Northover 18 January 2006

We all have these moments of 'stress' 'mess' 'distress' but it sorts itself out in the end, and a friend is someone you cherish, who will help you through these dread days. One bit of advice is, don't take on more than you can cope with, youngsters are pushed to hard these days, and they are not ready to take on the world. Go easy. Love Ernestine XXX

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Mickey Pig Knuckles 18 January 2006

Wow Becky, I really like the composure of your creative poem and a good sound healthy relationship means placing everything out on the table so to speak. I really admire you for your poetic talent and your ability to reach out for help when you need helpful advice and/or suggestions instead of just acting out when you think you may want or need. Now I must Thank You for sharing a little of yourself and your poetic talent with all of us. Wonderful poem. I hope you may keep your little fingers stroking your key board keys creating more of your wonderful poetry for everyone please. Your Friend, Mickey Pig Knuckles :)

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