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Song: From The Denizens Of London - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

From the Boulevards of Paris,
To the Red Lights of Berlin.
Unmoved and unembarrassed,
By the prevalence of Sin.
From the Denizens of London,
To the Crims of Sydney Cove;
Detectives hunt the Masterminds,
Wherever they may rove.

There are those that are, and them's that aren't,
But I'm the real Copper.
Choose an amateur or maiden aunt,
And you'll surely come a cropper.
There's some that aren't and some that can't,
Some life is low, some topper.
But the pompous prig and dilettante,
Should be led like pig to chopper!

I'm Harry Hector Beauregarde.
A Chief Inspector. Here's my card.
I'm Harry Hector Beauregarde.
A thief collector. In high regard.
Harry Hector Beauregarde.
All guilty hearts get nervous.
But do the crime and I'll do you hard;
I do relentless service.

In the service of our Country,
In the service of our Queen,
The Empire has it's enemies,
Not all of whom are Green.
They're haggard but resourceful men,
Riding roads through darkling fen.
Into Hell shall they descend,
From the Denizens of London.

On fleet and foreign assignment,
To pursue the fleeing rogue,
I note the new refinement,
Now Detectives are in vogue.
For the braggart too, is helpful when
They flush the villain from his den;
The honest Copper knows a friend,
From the Denizens of London.

Shylock Jones is one of these.
Overblown and hard to please.
His fancy theories are a wheeze,
In the Denizens of London.

From the Denizens of London,
To the Five Points of New York,
The working poor's the engine
That blows off steam, uncorked.
You have the arms and uniforms;
And thugs on tap, bezerk.
But to plot the rot of civic norm's,
Ain't a proper Copper's work!

About Shylock Jones, I make no bones.
He's unstitched foul Crime's Thesaurus.
He lays the pages at our feet,
For just acclaim and chorus.

There are those that do, and those that don't,
But I'm the real Copper.
There are those that will, and those that won't,
But I'm the Crime Stopper!
There are those that can, and those that can't.
The world is full of bluff gallants,
And those that act as confidants,
Who like to pose like debutantes,
Composing comic operas!

But I'm Harry Hector Beauregarde.
A Chief Inspector. From the Yard.
I'm Harry Hector Beauregarde.
My brief - Protector - Bodyguard.
Harry Hector Beauregarde.
There are those that would want to hurt us.
So waste no time with toff blowhards,
I give more willing service!

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 26, 2011

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