Song: In The Bag Poem by Dave SmithWhite

Song: In The Bag

Christmas comes but once a year,
As the time between doth lag.
The promise of good climes and cheer;
You can put that in my swag.

I carry childish hopes and dreams.
I inflate them lest they sag.
That a fervent wish alone redeems;
You can put that in my bag.

So I'll wrap them all up in bright shiny paper,
As clickbait for my hashtag tree.
Don whiskers, a red suit and full cartoon caper;
An infantile hustler in glee.

Like a cargo cult for children,
In my jolly guise.
With a moral bias built-in,
The young soak up the lies.

It's all about the framing,
Life questions such magic there be;
Of emotional appeals declaiming,
To act out the part in 3d.

I'll light up the candles with my long, twisted taper.
I'll dress the stage and marquee.
I'll write the scene with my diamond tipped scraper,
On video, on line and TV.

It's all about the wishin',
That can trump objective fact.
Allied to fevered missions;
The whole damned scam unpacked.

A quid pro quo for kiddies,
With modest choice - a snag.
New minds bemused and giddy.
I've got that - in the bag!

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