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Song: Love And War - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

You came. You saw. You conquered all.
All of my empires were deep in your thrall.
I was in Gaul. Behind my bluff wall.
In the siege of desires, who knew I must fall?

Love and war. How you swell, how you soar:
A merciless eagle. A cruel carnivore.
Above and o'er. With a full crop and craw;
Talons extended, you slash beak and claw.

Love and war. Do we know anymore,
The score, the gore, or what it's all for?
Love and war. We've heard the old saw:
Truth as first victim lies dead on the floor!

You came. You saw. You conquered all.
All of my minions now at your beck and call.
I was appalled; I was ravaged and mauled.
In your quest for dominion, I was your punching ball.

Love and war. From cold to a thaw;
You hit the ground running, and laid down the law.
Love and war. Real life in the raw.
When they gave out low cunning, I drew the short straw.

Love and war. So hard to ignore;
Abhor, the flaw, the whole rotten chore.
Love and war. Still fills me with awe,
For the glorious leader of legion and corps.

You came. You saw. You conquered all.
From rampart and barrow to my great tribal hall.
You were enthralled by your own spin and scrawl;
You won a new triumph with wild tales and tall.

Love and war. Let loose the macaw!
This ark has no bearings and we're far from the shore.
Love and war. As we luff and we yaw,
Sails set unflaring in a listless torpor.

Love and war. Like a virus or spore;
Both of us mangled in it's bloody maw.
Love and war. As it slavers and gnaws
Away at our vitals, our viscera and core.

You came. You saw. You conquered all.
And then you talked peace in your strange Roman drawl.
I so recall, how you lounged and you sprawled;
An ill-mannered brigand counting his haul.

Love and war. It's a great weeping sore;
A fashion repeating we can never explore.
Love and war. As you break down my door,
My passion's retreating like an old paramour.

Love and war. Who divines the augur;
Who can predict what the fates have in store?
Love and war. Of folk legend and lore.
We all play the system for the luck of the draw.

You came. You saw. You conquered all.
All of my armies by guile, huff, and brawl.
Though I may bawl, I'll be damned if I crawl;
All of your victories, over me, shall be small.

Love and war. By thunder or Thor,
Your mystery: a charnel that history adores.
Love and war. So I must go full bore;
I'll give you both barrels and all I forswore.

Love and war. So who's left to ensure,
That your future's in keeping to rule evermore?
Love and war. Like revenge on the poor,
Will you be my ruler; will I be your whore?

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 12, 2012

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