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Song: The Professor's Lament - Poem by Dave SmithWhite

To my friends, I'm Murray Arte,
A fellow hale and hearty,
A scholar who'll unlock the Great Unknown.
To this end they say a smarty,
Who well knows how to party,
Despite the nasty rumors told by Jones.

Shylock Jones, is spreading lies, again.
Shylock Jones, all spite and hiss.
Shylock Jones, is shredding lives, again,
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

Shylock Jones, is sending spies, again.
Shylock Jones, all wind and piss.
Shylock Jones, in grim disguise, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

As a vagabond professor,
Of numbers, large and lesser,
I seek the golden treasures in the sun.
I came here to Australia,
To dismiss my fear of failure,
And elude the monomania of one;

Shylock Jones, is throwing stones, again.
Shylock Jones, is known for this.
Shylock Jones, is pointing bones, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

My theorem's proof theoretical,
That goodness is unethical;
Self-interest must inform the social code.
For the random truth's poetical,
That crime is mathematical;
Human nature but a logjam to explode.

Shylock Jones, is playing games, again.
Shylock Jones, will not desist.
Shylock Jones, is laying blame, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

Shylock Jones, opens wounds, again.
Shylock Jones, a weeping cyst.
Shylock Jones, is out of bounds, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

From a humble Don's apartment,
To the Wolfenbach escarpment,
I've been harassed, threatened and pursued.
No charge will be admitted,
For no crime have I committed,
Yet in exile, without trial, I've been screwed!

Shylock Jones, disowns his mind, again.
Shylock Jones, a fantasist.
Shylock Jones, is shown as blind, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis.

Shylock Jones, is telling tales, again.
Shylock Jones, is hit and miss.
Shylock Jones, spits and rails, again.
Shylock Jones. My nemesis!

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