Jonathan ROBIN

Rookie - 451 Points (22 September / London)

Sonnet Cycle To M C After William Shakespeare Part Iii Sonnets Clv - Ccl - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Sonnet CLV

Should Chance or base design divide us two,
A steed to you would speed should there be need.
None friendship may retain, remaining true
Gainst bad blood Time, sad, spills, though heart's wounds bleed.
Thrusting out danger, swiftly I would race,
On one sure call, my all would fall for you,
Monstrous doubts dispelled, - dire dark disgrace.
As each breath blown fans sentiments held true
My world shines brave, each wayward, coward heart
Avast from scene expelled, truth triumphs, few
Understand strong seal both feel me, you.
Depth unexpected upsets applecarts,
Expels all preconceptions in a trice
Changing expectations as we splice.

Sonnet CLVI

She sudden danced into my sight, sweet sprite,
An incarnation of delight, one day,
No critic could deny, defy, gainsay
Great beauty, spirit peerless, soul's delight.
The rose blushed, paled, the ruby too, from spite, -
One sensed as if forever night and grey
Must quit cold Earth, converted by charmed ray.
Alight hope's lamp eternal now shines bright.
Mischief caused by cock crow’s daily rite -
A call unheeded once – shows dawn's replay.
Understand dichotomies knight’s day
Draws down to earth to rein or reign Time's flight.
Exquisite joy may grace fair beauty’s mind,
Capture heart where duty’s redefined.

Sonnet CLVII

Spurn me and all my pleas if out of place
A word is writ which might your wor[l]d upset.
Necessity's my law, come shine, come wet,
Glib is not praise re-ph[r]asing beauty's face.
Turn far from me, - I'll sink without a trace,
Or ever I offend, eye lend coquette,
My verse imply perverse or forged facet,
Anything distasteful I'd erase.
Maintaining altar Time may not efface,
An ardour universal whose hopes whet
Unslaked appetite on paper-chase, -
Delicacy is appetite so set?
Encouraged I add: 'Of Love who is sum mum? '
Cause twins effect or I’ll be stricken dumb.


Strange it appears, although no mind can fit
Another's quite completely, still there's hope
New-born that in osmosis we'll find scope
Glad in twinned minds to interline. Thus, wit,
True warmth, the heart's intelligence, permit
One into one to softly telescope.
Mother Nature's rainbow colours cope
At peace with changing spectrum world relate,
Most empty other options seem, I'd pit
All by her side, chase no more haste waste grope.
Unthoughtful declaration? Is this IT?
Due to true sharing joys kaleidoscope,
Each part apart both wilt, twinned gilt is built,
Choice world free from misunderstandings, guilt.

Sonnet CLIX

Sail set to trim the pen another verse
Anon may brim heart's overflow through you!
No prize more precious - will it prove a curse? -
Greeted? Rejected as a witches' brew?
Transposing sonnet sequence in between,
On double helix fixing chromosome,
Magician Chance must play behind the scenes
Articulating such perfection. Tomes
May thus this theme explore in depth until
Admitted by eternity as fit
Unchallenged, crown none else could ever split
Dimensions unexplored elsewhere fulfill
East, West, North, South, abyss to mountain peak,
Consensus dates Man’s joy from your first peek.

Sonnet CLX

Simplicity is not my claim to fame,
And twelvescore sonnets won't dispute that fact,
Nonetheless verse vehicles intact
Gold carat feelings free from parrot flame.
Throughout this sequence echoes of one name
One sees in swift succession, though time lacked.
'Much ado about nothing' may still attract
An ending well. Ah well! What's in a name?
Maybe my theme dream signs much more than game,
As three weeks work accomplished, back to back, -
Unveils not 'Love's Labour Lost'! - the aim
Described in simple terms: ‘Maude must naught lack! ’
Enchanting dream theme, others set aside,
Converts restraints to joy which will abide.

Sonnet CLXI

Snaking below her bridge my river whirls
Around her feet, anticipates desire,
Never hesitates to light her fire
Greeting coast-guards wariness with pearls
That wisdom smuggles through defensive past
Opens future radiant and tender,
Maintaining trust, complicity, can last
All trials and troubles conditions may engender.
Mutual celebration seems in order,
Accomplished much has been in sixty days,
Uneasy guards may still cling to old border,
Defiance has outlived its use, heart sways
Expressing tenderness in black on white,
Creates for white on black code keyed insight.

Sonnet CLXII

Synchronicity? Coincidence?
Anticipations shared? Prepared? Pre-paired?
Nothing before compares as mind-defense
Gives up vain struggle, pain dissolves, love’s shared.
Trip to another world or mirage vision
Offering from heart-ache brief respite?
Magic tryst, or tristesse turned derision?
Answer Time may provide before ‘goodnight’.
Meanwhile why care? Where joint imagination
Acknowledges bridge rainbow tinted now,
Unparalleled are stimuli, creation
Draws dream through real while mocking “Why? ” and “How? ”
Exploration symbiotic leads
Complicity astride poetic steeds.


Some seek to turn impressions inside out,
And some cast doubt upon the fairest fare,
No such dark cares afflict me, I'm without
Guarded thoughts which happiness ensnare.
Triumphing over pressures round about
One more modest tribute here would share
My ray on beams, would bubble through, cleanse doubt,
As fresh each one as true to who? Each layer
May be, like genes, decoded by sure scout.
Around one altar sure see spirit dare
Unswervingly to offer homage, flout
Defensive ramparts, mud walls, drawbridge, snare.
Eden’s open source finds harmony,
Conducive to hopes’ passion, flowers free.

Sonnet CLXIV

Should you proclaim that black’s perceived as white,
An angle is a circle, Earth a square,
No contest I’d retain, maintain you’re right,
Gainsaying your detractors everywhere.
Thus right and wrong, like Yin and Yang, combine
One harmony, duality at peace,
Me, none attain, with none I intertwine,
Alone your right and wrong write my release.
My truth I’ll learn seen through your lens - on Earth
All variations stem from laser beam.
Unfailing, bright, transforming light from birth
Dear you steer right, could leftwards veer my dream?
Embedded embryonic nerve transmits
Confirmed sense signals, each their force admits.

Sonnet CLXV

Since our exchange, I’m changed, live, walk, through you
All rain and shine to me remain the same,
None I confess impress, one key pursue,
Guard heart whose flame burns where ‘twill never blame.
Tenderness now tints both waking, dreams,
One theme repeated, duet none contest,
May shine come, rain, one aim remains it seems,
Appointed, valid claim within charmed breast.
Magic incantation, karma past
As incarnation linked to Holy Grail,
Up-ends old time traps, Hope outlasts Time's flail
Destined on proving worth while Earth may last.
Emotions knit together future, past,
Charm birds from trees as bees add sweet repast.

Sonnet CLXVI

Swain to shepherdess sent gentle posy,
Addressed in such a way as to attract
Not woes, but left the rose a feeling rosy,
Glimpsing flame that left fair name intact.
Tripped swiftly on the heels of his fond wooing
One answer, as a smile that two could share.
Mischief here there’s none, - tryst's trust undoing -
As sonnet rings precede no change of heir.
Mastery needs neither – what’s unspoken
Are sentiments which need no guarantee -
Untying chains, sure links score symphony,
Delightful, muse picks melody unbroken.
Energy, re-motivation, merge,
Chapter and verse combine, emotions s[pl]urge.


So, Time, if mockery there be, I mock
A skull who's toothless grin would gnaw the world.
Now through those genes which Nature keeps in stock,
Grim Death is conquered, Life's flag is unfurled.
Tables some register, keep dates, compare,
On rigid guidelines reassure themselves: -
Make senseless guarantees of 'why' and 'where'.
All sojourn for a spell until Time delves
Mocked vanity that locks upon false fears,
Absorbing all, interring search for fame,
Unmerciful to all inflicting tears.
Deserving one we find whose timeless flame
Ever must serve as inspiration for
Coming generations who’d truth store.


So turn to old Khayyam and from his cup
Allow yourself to sup while time remains:
Now sip red wine, take bread and verses up,
Glow with love's flow ‘til Time Time's servants claims.
Think too that soon the couch on which you sit
Other tenants may seat in your stead,
Misspend not what one whit improves life's wit,
Avoid regrets, forget not Life’s swift sped.
Moving finger rhythmic writes, sustains
Aspirations’ flow till slumber calls,
Uncalled for finger beckons, beacon palls,
Dreams 'Carpe Diem' compensate night’s pains.
Echoed rubaiyat inspire this press,
Can love hereafter thrive? Who here can guess?

Sonnet CLIX

Studied style, like polished mirror glass,
Approaches, silvers skates too smooth for taste,
Nods to the writer, winks, then runs to waste,
Glancing with just a touch of surface class.
The young [s]urge on, - role models quickly pass -
Oblivion is so swift to swallow haste.
Most cannot gemstone grade from plastic paste,
Apart can't tell Truth, Fiction, fact or face!
Misuse each chance, seek ever greener grass.
After sonnet sequence subtle trace
Usurped are sentiments Shakespeare surpass,
Does verse advance pure passion out of place?
Eh! Dear, no teacher knows truth’s Way, few dream!
Confess, ignored, most sink 'neath Lethe's stream!

Sonnet CLXX

So here's confessed, my heart and head are thine,
Are mortgaged to the hilt, bent to one will,
Nor may fey gems be mined by other mind,
Go as thou wilt, my will will be thine still.
Try not too harsh to judge, show mercy mild
Over my poor heart's impertinence,
Master the urge to criticize, run wild
Amok against these stanzas, though their sense
May need reframing! Pity my distress,
As unplumbed deep despite calm surface balm,
Upstanding heed, I plead here love's alarm,
Draw hopes raw fears, in fear for hopes I press,
Ensured ne’er trust shall lack, nor tear shall stain
Cœur which won’t strain another, poorer vein.

Sonnet CLXXI

Sense, sensibility so sweetly signed,
Are all allied announced as an aim
Nobility, naturalness, nice name
Gladly greeted gaily, grin 'gainst grind.
Tale's told triumphantly, Time's tables, trined,
Open on one omnipotence - our ode!
Metamorphosis: muse meets meta mode
As astrologic aspects are aligned.
Mending misconceptions most men mime
Aspirations addressed as art assigned
Urge urgent understanding underlined,
Defining destiny: delightful dame!
Effortlessly errors Earth expels
Creates constructive challenge, clones Change cells.


Sometimes surprising sweetness sweeps souls shy,
Amity allows. Answers appear
Natural, not nefarious, now near
Golden grace, guaranteed gratify.
Touchingly two twine till tendrils tied
Osmosis overwhelming, open, here,
Mutual metamorphosis makes mere
Affection awkward, alchemy applied.
Melodious madrigal may my muse mock?
Anthem adoring always arch allied.
Unity unbiased umpire urges unity unlock
Dearest desires duet, days drab defied.
ECcentric EChoes EChocardiographic...
CEntral CErtitudes CEment CERN CEntric


Sunday night sees sonnet cycle turn
At last to terminus. Beginning, end
Needs to maintain momentum, to defend
Gauged balance as stage follows stage may earn
Tonight respite while mind explores concern.
Oblivion’s deemed absence from fair friend.
Most fail to feel, or from one object bend
Attention, lust burns bridges, dust discern,
Masked temptations vows deride or spurn.
Artful arguments alas ascend
Untie faith as wraith gadflies trend
Denying pastures green, seek greener ferned.
English opinion shall not budge an inch,
Can steady stay, put to time’s test won’t flinch.

Sonnet CLXXIV A Comedy of Errors?

Shrew tamed, All's Well, though here is Much Ado!
Antony and Cleopatra met
No Rape, no Tragedy, since each stayed true,
Grave born, like Romeo and Juliet.
Thus Richard, John and Harry had preferred
One History where each could heed thy call!
Measured each Tempest's threat is, for unheard
All envy's Comic Error is withal!
My love as Pilgrim Passionate here's signed,
As Venus to Adonis here allied,
Urge Lover's Complaint in neatest verse aligned, -
Dove Turtle are to Phoenix true supplied.
Echoed are Plays with Sonnets' sequent frame,
Continued may sustain Shakespearian flame.

Sonnet CLXXV

Second thoughts tentacle sticky fingers
Around rhyme schemes to render homage due.
Neutrality turns sceptic, what love lingers
Grieves anxiously, anticipates adieu.
Tortured suspicions questions asks of motive,
Of fitful feelings clashing with themselves.
Mutual search for vague, idyllic votive,
Appears much more confused the more one delves,
Mocks versatile post-facto justifications,
Alliterated Conscience sprawls across
Umpires riddles, calls Truth at a loss
Dares not combine idea[l]s and motivations
Expectant, while writ’s wit is put on trial,
Can links enriching stitch life’s light a while?


Soon, soon, all rhyming revels stall, end game
A circle’s compass has at last effected,
Ne’er should refrains strain where few sound the same,
Great work most imperfections has perfected.
Though some internal contradictions may
Open hang, brave criticism’s blast,
My muse would weed out errors, fears allay,
Attempt to seed love’s light, no shadow cast
May stay upon stage scene, page criticize.
Are ideals faulty, stanzas weak? Intact,
Unequalled are these proofs, keyed into fact,
Drawn sketch intense heart etches, heart allies.
English song from full four hundred year,
Complements Will’s wellspring flow sincere.


Should Muse to music set your symphony
All Mozart's art would tart sound, out of tune,
Nor lovers' eyes behold the crescent moon,
Grieg, Paganini, Bach lack harmony.
The 'Ode to Joy' re-echoes in the mind,
On cloud nine hears refrain, with brain a-spin,
Merging rings revealing Yang in Yin
Attain Nirvana which no hell fires bind.
Mendacity flees love's kaleidoscope
Abandons plea, hope’s coat of many colours;
Unexpectedly connects medullas,
Dual vistas shared prepare infinite scope.
Exiled is bias, tempting trap subjective,
Captured rapture stifles rant invective.


Should thoughts instead of shoes show scale for speed
All measurements Man knows today we'd lose
No Einstein then could argue square MC'd, -
Galaxy, not gravity, our news,
Teletransport tu[r]ning sower, seed.
One moment fusing musings of my Muse -
Mistrust recusing, doubts at once recede,
Approval instant follows! Who'd refuse
Means’ cause, effect may thread? Who'd write and read
Alternate cross trick theme to laud Maude, choose
Unworthy scheme for Shakespeare's sonnet screed.
Deft warp, weft, thread à la mode who would lose?
Encore rhyme traces pace placed in context,
Creating thought modes marked up hyper text.


Steal not away, nor faint, for 'out of sight'
As in old adage 'is not out of mind',
Nor shall fair image fail to leave behind
Great need to further feed insight’s delight
Tidings exchanging, sadness stilling quite.
One day perchance, we'll know what Fate designed,
Masks falling, pride surpassed. Although half blind,
Aims, dreams allied untie wide wings for flight.
May we [th]read hands, no longer led left, right,
And, confidence advancing, ever find
Urgent invitation undeclined,
Deep intuitions twin souls day and night.
Each net, drawn tight too soon, tears, neatest fit
Chance weaves - acceptance dance built bit by bit.

Sonnet CLXXX

Something sings within me when I think
Adoringly on you, from toe to tête.
No demoiselle, compared, could nod or wink,
Gemstone facet ne’er showed more fair inset.
This verse I send to smile which by my side
Omnipresent shines both day and night. -
Making dreams gleam vividly! Time's tide
As empty surf swims, bubble bursting might.
My vision fades, and instantly light's shrouded,
As fog-bound doubt flouts, blankets out all hope.
Upheld joy swells, alone though rooms be crowded,
Drought spreads, hope dries, must minimise life's scope.
Each thing life teaches shows one lesson true,
Cured none are billed who still fall ill through you.


Spontaneous here surges urge to press
A wish none other could anticipate,
No regrets met I’d set my mind 'gainst Fate,
Granted affections none could dream suppress.
Thinking upon that theme, one must confess:
Once thought I to withdraw what I await,
Meaning more than I would like to state -
A symbiosis shared, which few possess,
Maybe we’ll see, set free, fair future bless,
Apart? Together? Obligations' weight
Unscheduled on agenda designate.
Daedalus from maze released by ‘Yes! ’
Eternal amor vincit half degrees -
Calls world as witness, which with this agrees.


Sixty days and change, change works it way
Across defenses’ trenches, would elect
New candidate who positive could stay,
Gain confidence from doctorante select.
The Sorbonne scarce has seen such deep devotion
Offered to beauty, youth, with truth combined,
Matchless Maude unmawed deserves promotion,
As Dea where before dear peerless shined.
Message bottled circumnavigation
Around Ipagine’s globe can find safe berth,
Unload old ballast, on examination
Discover drydock to prepare rebirth.
Errant heart both artery and vein
Connects to tenderness which won’t prove vain.


Situation unexpected shows
A way towards, strums concordant chord,
Nexus of both written, spoken word,
Gives, takes, forgives, lives scents, tastes joys from flows
Triumphant which stream conscious minds together,
Occupying morning, noon and night,
Mental matrix beam ray may storms weather,
Activating lasers of delight.
Modified are standards which, high risen,
Adjudge the past’s relationships as poor,
Unresponsive, tantamount to prison
Demeaning, as seems much which came before.
Enlightenment old walls dissolves to leave
Conviction that joy’s found in “I believe! ”


Mantra and comedienne combined –
Art’s sorrow-smile who’d siren spectrum sing,
Unfathomed rainbow surface, whose fair ring
Deep emotions stirs. Heart, heart inclined,
Enlightenment discovers which won’t bind,
Compensating wasted time’s tart sting.
Most hesitate, from dreams back, lack wing
At night to take flight, fuelled, defined,
Unceasingly by fantasy refined.
Defensive barricades dropped, twinned dreams bring
Ease, understanding, joy in everything,
Climb, soar sublime through time, cores unconfined.
Mobility of spirit and of mind
Can self-acceptance learn, fears leave behind.


Strong stands man’s faith, bans wraith fanned from spanned Past
At last finds rest, repose from echoes old.
New virtue now rings true, sings love's repast
Grants light to life if all the truth be told.
Testy in youth, I thought all things I knew,
Oft proven wrong, long suffered for my trust,
Moreover, scarce dared take a different view
As now I do, - life broadens as it must -
Modifies the story of our days.
Add that surprise encounter changed my fate,
Unknown became familiar as fey phase
Drawing me beyond time, place, barred gate.
Emerging from the waters bridge is seen
Connecting spendthrift past to future scene serene.


Mecca many praise five times a day
Adoring Allah dawn to dusk by rote
Unstintingly reread this or that quote,
Dream of harem houri's ceaseless sway.
Enticed by no such scene My verses play
Colouring one with whom mind may emote,
My theme dream seems to teem with scheme whose coat
As many colours teams as on life’s Way
Man, maid, discover natural interplay
Appears as quintessential need to note
Unlimited invitation on shared boat
Defying shoals, uniting goals, we pray.
Enchanted muse refuses dogmas’ core,
Cruising Shakespeare tries French Thais’ score.


Mother Nature vacuum, void, abhors,
Although it welcomes due encouragement -
Urging reward returns where sentiment
Discerns trust’s trust where Trust reborn restores
Ease and well-being. Thus let the Past’s pores
Mud’s sadness sweat. Grey fades, enlightenment
Argues ardently entitlement,
Undermining adverse Fate’s harsh laws.
Descent which counterfeit Effect and Cause
Essays enforcing swift reject, repent
Mimed reticence as an impediment.
Adopt fresh outlook as your spirit soars.
Unlimited are prospects, formal guise
DEny! Feel joy which white on black implies.


Majestic rose may blossom sharing scent
Arisen from each petal time has sent,
Unresponsiveness mind leaves behind,
Divided heart finds healing, doublebind
Expelled, hope cues into presentiment
Calming fears, as coast guards watch relent
Making peace with peace, as eyes purblind
Awareness can reciprocate in kind.
Unmelted talent, latency unspent,
Dare Daedalus, potential, potent, pent,
Expectations soar, more joy may find,
Cage bars unlock with metamorphic mind.
Magnificent Fate date awaits wings spread,
Climbs high, Icaric inhibitions shed...


Mock mastery of rhyme and rhythm here
Accompany imagination we,
Underscore through patterns fair and free
Draw hues prismatic, sharing insight dear.
Each line line follows, message signalled clear -
Commonwealth not superiority.
Muse with music praised is easy, see
Awakening enhanced by inner ear
Unlocking meanings new, gleans links sincere,
Displacing superficiality.
Empathy expands, all gain, carefree
Connections conquer heavy cross some bear.
MAy this be the beginning, not the end,
MAUDE finds her answered questions anguish mend.

Sonnet CXC

Mission impossible smacked of challenge tease
As if bard, muse-inspired, could steer his flow
Unwieldy to show what, he knew she'd know -
Dreams seldom shared which rosy dawn would seize.
Entitled to transparency, she keys
Completely into tenderness two sow.
Magician by magician's inner glow
Assuredly inspired, with practised ease,
Unbraids her locks with wonder, learns to please,
Despises not to take, rides joy’s rainbow.
Ever onwards into afterglow
Completion offers tenderness at ease.
Mirror shows a smile dissolving clouds
Completely and removing misty shrouds.

Sonnet CXCI

Moonshine madness or an open book
Applying code decrypting Cause, Effect? -
Unnatural seem defences now, expect
Dream interactions worth a second look.
Energy makes doubts melt. Off the hook
Control is role reversed, flow intersects
Many errors early, redirects
Arbitrary agile gobbledegook
Unwelcome set aside. Task undertook,
Depression’s danger lifts, change can correct.
Errors, sorts chaff from wheat, detects defect,
Collects sensations haste might overlook.
Merit slight though this write must retain
Can it represent shared joys two gain?

Sonnet CXCII

Motivation springs the mind, helps soar
Ascent in seconds far from 'madding crowd',
Unleashes energies which too long ploughed
Dark fester furrows tempting to ignore,
Each plucks life’s luck to stock fair future, store
Cards from Fate’s pack while waiting signal loud.
May turned to June to slough off old grey shroud
Alight on light, which, shared, sparks kindling for
Unlimited free-flight transcending sore
Dismay cold April knew heart might have cowed.
Error is doubt, restraining gifts endowed,
Conducive not to sharing, soul stays poor.
Music, acceptance melody, provides
Common ground as joy re…paired abides.


Movement appears to an observant eye
As absolute as space displacement, but
Umbilicus to reference points is cut
Describing effects of your sun on my sky.
Electrons collide-o-scope, as photons fly
Completely through doors which before seemed shut,
Move on from one dimension’s unfair rut
As circumstance plays games with low and high,
Underscores zenith each reach by-and-by.
Dear Cinderella ball flees, ball to hole we putt
Ending wholly holy? Crack this nut,
Connection true corrects a living lie.
Must, dust, and mold, remould to find release,
Contentment rediscovers inner peace.

Sonnet CXCIV

So as time serves fine wine so this serves you,
As, ageing, both flow richer than before.
New aspects of fine writing men review,
Guided through threads of this acrostic core.
Think a moment, Antwerp, Amsterdam,
Open diamond’s glow, show fresh facets
Make clear sheer beauty gram by precious gram.
Appetites are fed which waiting whets.
Mistrusting this, my Muse, I fear to fail
Alas in rendering charm a just account,
Unable true record to render, frail
Drawn rhyme which risks to whisks up feelings' fount.
Especial thoughts - love’s forts - you've set ablaze,
Combining liver, lights, and lungs in praise.

Sonnet CXCV

Multilingual flux may generate
An interaction as synaptic flows
Urge range beyond scaled limits to propose
Deep interplay as minds anticipate
Endless alternate routes, find hidden gate
Cascades creating, mirrors many close
Moderation magic overthrows
Adapts then channels all, recalibrates
Underlying feelings. Poets counter Fate,
Deriding compromises lost souls chose,
Express beyond core verse, beyond poor prose,
Challenges met new mind-sets stimulate.
Mute who'd remain who happiness has found -
Muse whose music must all men astound!

Sonnet CXCVI

Mark open Windows. Pointing to flat screen
An index finger double clicks, must wait
Unhasty answer. Second sight, first rate,
Drives inspiration, senses rhyming scheme
Enchanted spurn all artifice to beam
Charmed mosaic magic in a spate
Majestic with an instinct consummate.
Although this surge might easily have been
Un-noticed, out of kilter spun, our fate
Draws thread from single web ‘spite married state.
Each line inks variation on one scene
Celebrates ways pair prepared relate.
Medium, rich before, with richer stream
May this flood blood, bud, blossom, while we dream.


Muse or passing theme, which would chance choose?
As choice stands where 'Fate’s hands' may reunite
Umbrella right and left brains’ links tonight,
Deception waits on phone’s unlighted fuse
Even when giving the option to refuse
Calming call - fleet Time spins dark to light,
Making links which, karmic, might delight.
Although enough is said, heart, soul peruse
Unique frame real dream which would not bruise
Deep feelings gifted by some second sight
Ever letters links to maid from knight
Compensating for distance which each day it rues.
May veil dividing fact and fantasy
Meet inner freedom, outer forts see flee.


Sweet muse while strayed your cypher on this screen
All distance seemed as naught - impressions tarried,
Newborn soared inspiration, - seldom harried,
Greeting page refreshing fair French Queen.
Thus absence sudden noted vents shell’s spleen,
Ordered mind demotivates, uncarried.
Much steam is lost to time as time, miscarried,
Aborts its spring whose ring-tone sounds unseen,
Must be unheard, as blurred one's inner gleam
Abdicates its fission mission valid.
Unlock connections or my muse invalid
Dumb sure will fall, will shot to smithereens.
Echo absent, verses untranslated,
Cramp muse, dowse writer’s lamp, all light abated.

Sonnet CXCIX

Mask long immured behind those walls Time's wit
Allows to stand, - tide ride before pride’s fall, -
Use outstayed, knows now that ramparts tall
Do tumble, flood mud ad…mire bit by bit,
Earth into dust dissolves what man would knit.
Cheap safety served its purpose while the wall
Might stress relieve, receive time’s wherewithal,
Ability - Life's puzzle pieces fit.
Useless false safety-net refuse and split
Defences which block inner flight, hope’s call,
Echo awaiting recognition, shawl
Cast off, attention turned to options lit.
May steps to freedom leave old walls behind,
Control release, release control, free mind …

Sonnet CC

Most women cloy where most they toy yet she
As infinite, to karmic colours keyed,
Upends assumptions universal we
Deemed predefined by Fate’s immoral creed.
Endless, one tale can’t stale, pale turn, life flee,
Counts count-downs out, immortal flame must feed.
Magic encounter’s magic mystery
All enigmas, paradox recede,
Undermines confinement solitary,
Dissolves frontiers, heart finds that it can bleed
Excessive fears, the past’s arrears, to seed.
Combined minds, find, touch, feel, through sharing free.
Microscopic pores may open wide,
Codes decyphered, secrets swept aside.

Sonnet CCI

Merit accorded rhyme draws inspiration
Alone from her whose name shines through this verse,
Unworthy author on examination
Does but transpose self-evidence, rehearse
Examples –universal declaration
Committed to Time’s press edition terse,
Meal whetting appetite for true translation
Another generation needs to stay Fate’s curse,
Unused to peerless paragon whose station
Dreams will not equal ‘til time loops reverse
Eternal progress to lost destination,
Comfort’s mirror mirage glass perverse.
Mystery, in part unveiled to view,
Can’t save from hell all who her touch ne’er knew.

Sonnet CCII

Show me imagination’s flowing flight
Awry has strayed, portrayed pure fiction fact,
No worth attach to words where glowing write
Gifts praise to raze trite ersatz, stature lacked.
Tell me these streams’ spells spell bewitched untruth,
Or else exaggeration out of hand
Misrepresenting with excess uncouth
Apt promise undeserving to command
Most of the frieze spread on these pages white,
A snapshot too subjective to believe,
Understatements role-reversed indict
Delusions destined only to deceive?
Expect one swift response: I, taking, give,
Complete trust’s circle spin both win, t[w]o live.

Sonnet CCIII

May heralds June, soon birthday’s celebrated,
April showers, fast forgotten, fade,
Urgent pen spans page uncalibrated,
Demanding more attentive grey-cell aid.
Effortlessly flow shows self-sustaining
Contact subject/object, recombines
Magic number prints, swift sprint maintaining
Above, beyond, the call of duty, lines
Unwavering march onwards entertaining
Discoveries, fresh paths to Rome seek, sign
Encyphered, signals strong, one theme explaining,
Consistent consonant syllabic twine.
Mainstay remains one name, flame bright as bell,
Convinces all truth flares from world words spell.

Sonnet CCIV

Muse enthusiastic sets brisk pace
Astonishing in its diversity.
Unsought, words surface, for fresh onslaught brace
Despise restrictions on vocabulary
Excessive form may place as phrase from phrase
Converges, sends trends into blending which
More than mental gymnastics’ dazzle daze
Answers offers for acrostic stitch
Uniting skill, will, over-spilled emotions
Despite restrictive formal sonnet shell,
Evicting tempting ‘going through the motions’
Creates thereby high fancy’s flight, fares well.
Muster passed, these sonnets sent incite
Continued insight on combined invite.

Sonnet CCV

May previews summer solstice, June’s divine
Anniversary speeds closer as we read
Unsparingly beyond time lines for sign
Determining if energies succeed
Embracing universal recognition
Content if one fair friend can recognise
Mutual links beyond vain composition
As logic loses pride of place, heart sighs.
Uncertainties tease all poetic flourish,
Disappointment weighs on strongest soul,
Enterprise applause requires to nourish
Constant desire to twin before wormhole.
Mute soon all falls, as beat of distant drum
Comes closer, soul found wanting, spirit numb.
Sonnet CCVI

Message sent by chance or circumstance
Appeared one April afternoon to tune
Unlikely pair, who’d dare embark on dance
Denoting deep emoting as cocoon
Enticing hibernation sudden split
Co-sponsoring emergent adoration,
Mounting inter-penetration fit
Awaited expectations’ confirmation.
Unimpressed by chronological
Differences, distance, current states,
Empathy extended psychological
Consistency which, wooed, anticipates
Much words fail to describe, though scribe flails pale,
Chance? Circumstance? Advance beyond stale pale?

Sonnet CCVII

Mastered style, from feelings kept apart,
A recipe for sterile rant appears,
Upsetting ready readers who’d depart
Distractions unattractive without cheers.
Emphatic feelings boasting Cupid’s dart
Can’t compete with mind which heart-strings hears,
Melodies not chords’ discordant start,
Aground shoals ships of statement’s sterile tears.
Unity of heart’s, mind’s equipoise
Draws reader into, through, beyond, time, space,
Eliminates all interference, noise,
Crass static status wave-lengths’ out of place.
May thus these sonnets favour find twice blessed
Creating symbiosis time lines breasts.


Minutes stretch swift seconds [sk]etching years
As hours’ failed powers, forgotten, fade away,
Urgency today soon bores to tears
Displaced by new priorities which weigh.
Enamoured wedding bells pay tribute steep,
Cannot compete with greener grass which grows
Mid weeds familiarity breeds cheap,
Across time’s span as marriage licence shows.
Underhand some act, some, pressured, bow
Dismissing trust stretched into obligation
Expecting much, most little give, while now
Creates chance glance and starry-eyed sensation.
My sentiments stray not, forever stay
Consistent with one nameless, come what may!

Sonnet CCIX

Most mortals magnify role-models, by
Appearance judge, buy into vain attempt,
Uncertainties mask shame, brush brash, rely,
Depend on bias, by us held contempt.
Errant nondescripts change scripts for scraps,
Compensation’s self-contained rewards
Massage sots’ scalps with wishful-thinking caps,
As fools’ gold brief relief crass ass affords.
Understatement is our golden rule
Describing zephyr weather wild withstands.
Ever mild, true beauty’s child must fuel
Creative passions, activate all glands.
Mountains out of molehills others make,
Chide them compared to one who soul can slake.

Sonnet CCX

Murmurs merge, surge to majestic swell
As organ music pulling out all stops,
Underlying themes may surface, tell
Deep sounds profound. Neutrality soon drops.
Echo effervesces, ripples out
Confounding energies, stocked, locked, asleep,
Modest moderations up the spout,
All groundless found as inspiration's leap
Unleashes energies from springboard base
Defying gravity's restraining hold,
Exception shows new rules those old replace;
Case proves two, cold apart, conjoined, grow bold.
My prose through you turns rose, scent sent shows sweet
Complicity whose current flood flows fleet.

Sonnet CCXI

Mention Maude, all admiration's boundless
As Milky Way, each star's mind's mirrored gem
Untamed by time, from them mined rhymes must stem -
Depth, height and breadth dimensions vast as soundless.
Enthralled yet fearing such emotions, sending
Commitments' signals out in all directions
Mind hesitates, too steeped in phase ascending,
Afearing outcome stemming from rejections.
Under pressure prestidigitation,
Deft sleight of mind, may conjur quite outstanding
Evidence that this double agitation
Can - circumstances, distance, notwithstanding -
Mutual show shift from phantom into bliss
Caught out by contradictions, Love can kiss.

Sonnet CCXII

Meanings change when treadmill of translation
Amputates or adds especial layer
Unless end reader on examination
Digs deep to keep initial author's prayer.
Extrapolations offer explanation
Constrictive all too often where mind, player,
Makes way, through pointed gameplay, sound sensation,
Appointed means to end, aims punning fare.
Understanding interpenetration
Derives much hid from those devoid of flair,
Exception to the rule, you're inspiration
Compounding feeling's flare. None can compare.
Maude-tivation peerless poet's flame
Can fan, discarding sense of mortal fame.


Mistakes were made before my muse appeared
As light-wave apparition, radar screen,
Unlit before, saw moving lights turn green,
Defying odds. Coincidence mists cleared.
Energy reciprical regeared
Common sense, too prone to 'might have been',
Multiplied seeds fertile, set fresh scene.
Age and stagnation, once page/stage much feared,
Unnatural, rights' violation, weird,
Die unmourned, as isolation's Queen
Entertains fresh phase as spirit keen
Capacity and parity has cheered.
Mundane routine, too 'counterfeit' for growth,
Collapses... 'true to oneself's writes new oath.

Sonnet CCXIV

Mesmerised, mind safes splits from inside
As border lines redrawn may alter states,
Undammed are rivers, doors stream open wide,
Deriving strength as each reciprocates
Enchantment through a dialogue whose scope
Cannot be counted, limits drawn, defined,
Morsel cut from morsel, telescope
Advanced to scan synaptic state of mind.
Unspoken words need not be quantified,
Details fresh turn stale where talents twin
Every nuance added side by side
Creates new net, kaleidoscopic spin.
Much each may learn through each, extending reach,
Charm spills to fill desires required to teach.

Sonnet CCXV

Man-made disasters strike as climate change
Adds to confusion, earthquakes, tidal waves,
Unloose traditions centuries should brave.
Danger threatens balance, free exchange.
Efforts are required to rearrange
Cause/effect priorities to save
Modern man from menacing close-shave
Aggression which could attack if not estrange
Usages from usefulness, derange
Definitions sacrosanct as grave
Extremities are reached, man might enslave.
Conditions worsen, world turns somewhat strange.
My universal garden spins round constant sun,
Consistent beacon beckons story spun.

Sonnet CCXVI

Many reasons ring their warning bells
Aware spun seasons highlight twilight poor.
Unheeded tease these please, for who'd withdraw
Defeated from fresh fields your story tells?
Eternal quest's fulfilled. Without you Hell's
Colder than cold's zero absolute.
Most fail to recognize love's magic flute,
Accept vain compromise, pain's sighs joy quells.
Uncertainties they swallowed as, pell-mell,
Divided pair's preferred to loneliness,
Entails life's tale's hard knocks, they nonetheless
Continue aimless game, fear to rebel.
Miracle: Maude's Pierian Spring
Comforts well from stings harsh Fates may bring.


Medused, my muse continues on its course,
An automatic geared-up overdrive,
Used to refuse, finds fusion, blind remorse
Departs dispelled, new dawn re-spelled, alive.
Entirely is this metamorphosis
Coeval with reciprocal exchange
Meeting expectations high whose bliss
At last explores, out-reaches, former range.
Under suspended sentence joy persists
Despite all odds, breasts current current's flow,
Enjoys the present's presence-presents, lists
Complicity that none before could know.
Mind Mirage dream? Reality Fate kills?
Come what may, today ten lifespans fills!


Method shines through madness, sonnet strain
Assuages cares as carpe diem's call -
Unique opportunity's cusp plain -
Defuses traps to choose love's waterfall.
Experience exceeds imagination,
Could verse define what everything surpasses,
More than Pi's decimals my pagination
Adds reams to dreams that scoff at tinted glasses.
Unlimited in length each second's thought
Defying second-thoughts is seen extended,
Events, set scenes that seem a moment caught
Can last forever, surf time's seas befriended.
Muons to electrons won't decline
Convinced right royal rays stretch out outline.

Sonnet CCXIX

Styx shan’t swallow, hours devour, dream soul
Alzheimer Acheron dam neuronal stream,
Nor can Charon's ferry parabole
Give credence to dusk dimming golden gleam.
Tired Dis dismissed to mists where once he dwelt,
Overthrown, repines, while Proserpine
May spring release from quarantine mis[s]_dealt,
Apt prose may lose, choose rose whose sweets divine
Must musty seem compared to present s[c]ent
Across time's range in instant propogation
Upending Einstein's theories - your ascent
Defying 'grav_id_tease' acceleration.
Exquisite as this sonnet's lines appear,
Consummate worth through unique birth shines clear.

Sonnet CCXX

Camille call me to asthma's ills a prey,
Or Alice, into 'drink me' Wonderland,
Role I'd assume wholeheartedly each day,
Rescued by your loving care, warm hand.
In Amber’s glue find safety from decay.
Ever where Axel axle spins wheel band
Rolls on towards adventures none delay.
A sum of all I'd be, four seasons spanned,
Surpassing all joys known within life's play,
Mingling all these elements I'd stand
Against Time, Tide, to ride beside you, stay
Unstraying, faithful friend, who'll understand
Destiny brought both of us together,
Empathy unswayed by formal tether.

Sonnet CCXXI

Moment seize, life's opportunities
Are seldom freely offered once again,
Uninvited guest's jests grant fresh breeze
Draw curtains open, soothing former pain.
Emotions' oceans swell, well spirit frees
Clogged arteries, no catheters remain,
Mind finds rebirth through sharing qualities,
And nothing ever goes against the grain.
Unneeded are vain ambiguities,
Defenses fall, discarding rampart reign,
Eliminating reins, tight guarantees,
Constrictive 'priorities' seen vain.
Magic butter spreads life's bread, joy's jam
Counts more than logic's 'I think thus I am'!


Mighty fall, all dust returns to dust
As pride's joy-ride proves vain, life's flame departed.
Uncertain is our sojourn, iron's rust
Describes swift cycle's spin before it's started.
Effervescence, foaming at the mouth,
Makeshift bubbles evanescent blows
Away where no-one knows, East, West, North, South.
Unworthiness pares pomp, hour's power lids close.
Despair in turn prepares for disappointment,
Efforts vain, pain plain, refrain cut short,
Most fail to meet their goals, keep youth's appointment,
AUguries by contradictions caught.
Despite profanum vulgus' anguished cries
Each rule finds one exception rules defies!


Modicum of sense bears witness we
Appear apart as man is to the moon.
Unworthy I of your eyes' symphony,
Dreams draw my moth to butterfly's cocoon.
Enchanted by bright light my write reflects -
Connections linking Mars to Venus' realm -
Makes fantasy reel real in fact, elects
A sparkling pole star set to steer hope's helm.
Under, over, through famed needle's eye,
Desire's humped camel enters heaven's gate,
Entertaining expectations high,
Content with what sense can't extrapolate.
May extra-sensory perception show
Confirmed osmosis, interactive flow?


Make fairyland from rocky start to
Advancing, wings unfurled, to greet new dawn,
Uniting hopes and dreams, fears put to scorn
Delight shines bright, osmosis fresh glows, sows
Enchantment where one might say shells would close,
Chose to shun outward shows while heart forlorn
Mocked self-sustaining fantasy, would mourn
Amazing grace deprived of love's dew flows.
US may YOU/ME replace as heart's heart knows
Divinity, where two, divided, torn,
Expected little, giving much. Reborn
Connections linked, two, close, may blooms unclose.
Meter, rhyme, combine with feelings rich,
Change destiny from dread's bled threads' cross stitch.

Sonnet CCXXV

Man's life turns strife, joy earns, and then to bed,
Another chance may not be guaranteed
Unto false, true, last who thinks he's ahead,
Denied are whims which speed sham mirage bleed.
Edition cannot be reprinted giving
Consistent inks, initial author's hand,
Moments lost cannot return forgiving,
As beauty worn, torn by mixed duty’s banned.
Unused osmosis spurned by reason's treason,
Duplicity reduplicating hell,
Emotions cancels out to snuff Spring's season,
Compromised, rebirth forgets to spell.
My voice maintains your right to walk your way
Choice your's remains, unstained support shall stay.


More dear than words appear for me you'll be
As long as sands withstand tide's ebb and flow
Unquantifiable each quality
Distinguishes from others' come and go.
Emerging wings shed thorn stings from sweet rose,
Complexity turns simple when sweet scents
Miraculous cocoon metamorphose -
A boon drawn up at 'dawn of days' events.
Uneven as rhyme's meter must appear
Driven by heart which charts no boundaries,
Externals show slight tithe of what shines clear:
MAgnificence whose mirrored mysteries
Untie time's thrall, true call perpetuate.
DEscent's unknown in modesty's estate!


Moderation seems so out of place
As where she walks hawks stare up in surprise,
Unused to mortals soaring through their space
Drawn by Hyperion's chariot in the skies.
Expectations high hope's heart shows here,
Merit earned through inner aptitude.
Acute, bright mind articulate shines clear,
Uniting equity and attitude,
Daring fate to reinstate points dear
Equally to heart and head, for one
May fail to function if its twin can't cheer
Alike true motives, task successful run,
Unpaired, objectives stumble, can't be gained.
DEstiny's success? Progress unchained.


My one half celebrates our meeting's near
And yet my other fears the tears of fear.
Undoubting, one lives US as heaven's writ,
Deterred the other by too perfect fit,
Each part completes the other's whole,
Completely each defeats void's empty hole,
Made one by destined synchronicity,
Maid Man ban 'ran', scan fans complicity
As natural for flowing through twinned soul
Unsure, yet too aware two can't be sole.
Dance catalyzed by chance shows love's pure state
Enhanced by 'wait', scorns concommitant weight.
Contradictions sweet sound beat for rhyme,
Make light of distance, down beat jealous Time.


Maude’s sixty days my sixty years have swept
Away as if Time's flow iced floe had frozen.
Uparallelled warmth, tenderness, have kept
Deep joys intact. Fact, fancy, freely chosen,
Evolve as one, won through chance dance advance
Conjugating synchronicity
Most must delight though some observe askance
Absence may make the heart grow fonder, see
Unpenetrable 'God's' ways which move towards
Dark end or light? Mere mortals all ignore.
Errors, terrors past, umbilical cords
Cut though by [s]words preparing future soar.
Muse if this music prove love's food our play
Creates momentum to defeat Time's sway.

Sonnet CCXXX

Morn's haze through midday's blaze to twilight glaze,
All roads roam homewards where mind finds release.
Unswervingly towards one sought thoughts raise
Dreams drawn to real reel redefining 'peace'.
Emotions' oceans swirl around our planet
Currents criss-cross counter_clock wise fools,
Mock pre-definitions 'sound', aground. None plan it
An answer found heart fans and never cools.
Underpinning all, yet all above,
Destiny spins through cause and effect
Eliminating barricades as love
Challenges presuppositions wrecked
Mid embers phoenix surges from to show
Complicity far further well may flow.


Man's life is strife or joy, and then to bed,
Another chance may not be guaranteed
Unto false, true, - last who thinks he's ahead,
Denied are whims which shim, from mirage bleed.
Edition cannot be reprinted giving
Consistent ink for eager author's hand,
Moments lost cannot return forgiving
As beauties torn by duties wrinkles brand.
Unused osmosis spurned by reason's treason,
Duplicity reduplicating hell,
Emotions cancels out to snuff Spring's season,
Compromised, rebirth forgets to spell.
My voice maintains your right to walk your way
Choice your's remains, unstained support shall stay.


Voi che sapete... You Who Know

Many levels interface to sing
A magic tune which links heart, mind, may chart
Unexplored hope's map as, à la carte,
Dreams complement sole soul-search, somehow bring
Exquisite happiness to everything.
Mundanity shines gilt, guilt shed, - fresh start
As ’Art for [He]Art's sake’ links two once apart,
United parts sews destiny whose spring
Draws threads together, weaving spells to string
EMotions into wave bands Cupid's dart
Arrows over buttressed walled rampart,
Under defensive moats, to salve Time's sting.
Dew laden wings can surf fresh dawn, find flight,
Enchantment conjur, bearing trust's true light.


Retrospective Review

May verse capture the rapture of living,
And giving, forgiving, combine,
Understanding disbanding misgiving,
Dream reels fuse real world, feels words align
Expanding soul's consciousness finding
CORpus delicti judgements unfounded,
'RIght' 'wrong' from Fate's wheel reel unwinding,
ERASing all flaws, soar unbounded!


MAil sends signals, from mall mail relays
Unsuspected stimulation, plays
Dreams with real, and real with dreams, relays
England, France advance, enjoy croquet's
Mondo multi-modal interplays
Amusing sings, brings happiness, wings' days
Unused are over, joy prepares fresh phase.
DElenda est Carthago is the phrase!
Much could be said; as mud walled levée falls,
And who is played, who's player of the balls?
Unlooked for, these coincidences draw
Dear Cinderella from past's curtain calls.
Effortless this mountain-moving seems
Creating real from what before seemed dreams...


Bridge over Troubled Water

Bridge of colours spans the years
Responding to shared tune on cue
In light and laughter keys into
Dreams' hopes for scope. Grey disappears.
Glow grows, tomorrows free from fears
Extend through unveiled planes that few
Or none else know. Constraints melt too!
Voyage duet hearts' wonder hears,
Echoes return to welcome ears
Responding with joy overdue.
TROUbadour threads song sincere,
BLED heart's quite healed, bright crystal clear.
WAs wait worthwhile? Touchée? Emue?
TERse verse here ends with thoughts of you.


Fairies Glitter - Dark light returns with shared insight

If fair stars glitter in my eyes from you they're sent 'tis no surprise.
Magic unfurled in stilly night, imagination's wings, free flight,
Advance beyond life's present plight, to share with you new world's delight.
Unusual lustre in my eyes from you reflects as bright sunrise
Deft spins earth's orbit's winning skies, dark light returns with shared insight.
Each 'twenty-four' speed [s]print as one, see fairy’s task is never done!

If fair stars' sparkle represents tenderness where each assents,
May verse returned to sender's plane retain the quintessential plain,
All's well, remains, each heart sustains through to, from, each, pane eases pains.
Unforeseen our recompense as new dreams span both 'whither' 'whence'
Dispersing day's incompetence, these energies increase, intense,
Effacing care and worries, one from two may spring, from struggles, fun.

If scintillation smoothes away the fuss, the cuss of dusty day,
Mending rays send fey touch bright, beam aura gold which somehow might
As epidemic, spread aright, for world polluted care, heal quite.
Unlooked for glister sent from you to you returns through interplay.
Dawn day prepares to permeate two tender hearts that chart shared Fate,
Enchanted future cycle's spun through me in you, through you in me, can't be undone.


Enhanced Impressions

May [s]he fill heart with laughter, light,
Advance, words weaving soft delight,
Unwind minds' blindness so two might
Dive through each other’s strength, find flight
Effacing walled calls dark as night,
MAUrauders tempting, flying kite.
Defy all mirage motions trite, -
Emotions share that naught need blight?

May [s]he fright shadows, hither bend
Arms into waiting arms to tend
Unending welcome friend as friend
DEstined, in time with rhyme, to mend
MAladies, passing cares, and end
Unbecoming bars, append
Due joy as on shared quest two wend
Enchantment bright as joys ascend.

May [s]he see past time’s veil tonight
A message clear, both dear and bright,
Unwavering image infinite.
DElight may two as one unite
MAgic enhanced by second sight,
Unrealing magic spells excite
Dumb to speech tender, selenite
Entrances, open view seems right.

May [s]he to far horizons lend
AUreate prospect and extend
Dreams to real reel, as two transcend
Evanescent spendthrift spend.
MArch hand in hand and recommend
Unceasing tenderness fair friend.
Days to years sans tears here penned,
Enhanced impressions twin souls blend.

CCXXXVII Riddle my Riddle Dear Watson

My first of four now hard, now soft appears,
A part of whole which then may move to tears,
Unmoved before, in mist it disappears,
DEscent rise follows, changes engineers.
My second spins around as satellite
And from land's end scans out to see the light,
Used dust to dust through dust returns to write
DEtailed tale of Man's mistaken might.
My third flaws all that fights its flowing cause,
Assures no pause resists engulfing maws,
Unstintingly draws air without a pause
DEvouring trees, sweet honey bees, and floors.
My fourth blows forth to North, South, East and West,
Arrested never, almost always blessed
Unless its zest unrest spreads, topples nest,
DEstiny's quest jest crests at its behest.

My all spells one whose parts all four include,
And from those parts four further draws fair brood.
Up past, fast forwards by fell Time pursued.
DEpend on it: soon ends rhymed interlude.
My four withdrawn no further four could thrive,
And if one's absent few'd remain alive,
Understanding double riddle, strive
DEcode both four in hand, at hand, band drive.


Fresh Dimensions

Magic passion lifts aloft life’s song,
As love's light flexes butterfly-bright wings,
Unchains hope's scope, reclaims aims' heartfelt rings,
Dreams forward stream, finds feelings fair and strong.
Enigmas are resolved - false right, true wrong -
Curb rash rush to judgement, insight brings
On innate understanding, softly sings
Revealing fresh dimensions where “belong”
Real empathy may entertain, prolong.
Invite proactive flight free from kite strings,
Exile Time’s agression, salve past stings -
Response sees through all torture-mirage tongs
Attains new plane where each from each learns much,
Spins sentiments meant to enhance shared touch.


Mountains into molehills melt
As steps towards enlightened dream,
Unclear at first, may later seem
Drawn up by fate. Emotions felt,
Empowerment with cards well dealt,
Contrary winds disperse, joy's beam
May filter through black walls, blocked scheme,
And blows aimed low below the belt.
Unfair conditions in die Welt
Delight defuses, hope on stream
Ends anguish, loss of self-esteem,
Comfort challenged, doubts indwelt.
Muse's music, meditation may
Create conditions to defeat dismay.

Sonnet CCXL

More than before she finds felicity
At hand, within, without, without a doubt.
Unfortunate conditions round about
Divert attention from her need to key
Emotions into opportunity,
Coaslescing energy to flout
Man made blocks, internal locks, whose rout
Appears essential for heart's harmony.
Unperturbed, frustration fought, she
Defeats dismay, demands free flight. Love's drought
Ends offering expansion, joy throughout.
Coincidence coins serendipity.
Meaning, which below horizon hid,
Comes clear: fears, tears, fade, open inner lid!

Sonnet CCXLI

Momentum Creative

Momentous wave laves Past, swept fast to sea,
As former reference-points no sense retain,
Unexpected sentiments unstained
Defy tried definitions, time, place, we
Extend with superficiality.
Momentum since not only's been maintained,
Accelerates increases, soars sustained,
Unblocking time-locked sensitivity
Denied as sense of self, of sin, to flee.
Excitement's impetus each day’s regained,
Mists clear, sensations sear soul, brain, unfeigned,
Acceptance seeks no pre-conditionned key.
Urgency is dissipated, trust
DEepens daily, gold creates from dust...

27 Mai 2008

Many options chance codes choice modes sow,
Although what meets the eye needs second-sight
Undoing ill that second-thoughts may show
DEspairing seeker after answers bright.
Much harm is done when wishful thinking mocks
Advancing voice or crystal image which
Unlocks outlook unfortunate or blocks
DEsired outcome grieving heart would stitch.
Most roads rejoin itinerary pre-traced,
As cause and consequence are intertwined,
Use or abuse of options haste waste chased,
DEtermines more than mortal mind may find
Confined within fate's eye-ball wishing well
Creating mirror heaven or hell could spell...


My name Amphora, by life's teeming beach
Am for her waiting. Open sesame!
Unlocked am I allowing her to reach
Deep down to taste stored serendipity.
Echoes pulsate, surf resonates, see sea's
Murmur key to, through, pure essence, stir
A treasure only she may measure, seize
Unlimited exchange as sweet as myhrr.
Destiny, uncertain though it seems,
Enchanting opportunity creates,
Magic bridge between the land of dreams
And second state reality relates,
Underpinning all affection shines
DEpending on I'm for her in these lines


How Has Affection Come

How has affection come
On bottle surfed to shore,
What soul-song once struck dumb
Has blossomed more and more.
Anguish to joy succomb!
Sensations Spring restore.
Awaited long, hope's hum
Feels, unconcealed, heals core
FEttered, heart's conundrum
Ceases to weigh rapports,
TIes no more knots, love's crumb
ON life's table's turned delicious
COunters prudence suspicious,
MEtamorphosis propitious...


To A…Muse

May neither time nor tide upon your Muse
Abide for long but long for music more,
Unreeling ‘til eternity a score
DEclining years cannot erase, abuse.
Many seek to speak but Chance can't choose
Another whose as sensitive, whose core
Unmoved remains, resistant to Time's maw,
DEar, modest, understates the role her views
Must play within our universal glues
As bridge between ‘I thought’, ‘I sought’ encore.
Under that bridge stream flows to Eden's shore,
DEsire ‘acceptance’ draws from past ‘refuse’.
MAsterpiece ‘Unstable’ modifies,
DErides blocks, barricades, unlocks joy’s skies.

Sonnet CCXLV


Ma stery of rhyme and rhythm here
Accompanies true creativity,
Unreels and reinforces pattern key
Describing white on black much heart holds dear.
Explicit line line follows, signals clear
Must mock all superficiality -
As Muse with music tunes so all sense, see,
Unchallenged sings true poet's inner ear,
Depth draws, new meanings gleaning, as, sincere,
Eternity meets authenticity.
MAUDlin expressions banished, light may be
Everlastingly shared, shall never wear.
May this be the beginning, not the end,
Masks fall, all questions answered, links extend.

19th July 2008


Mermaid cavern 'neath the swirling sea
Asphixiates or offers oxygen,
Uses air or brings it back again
Depending on soul's authenticity.
Echoed heart fresh start may chart, feel free
Creating through new insight 'yond the ken
Most can key into state where paper pen
And thoughts unite as reciprocity
Unbiased flows to serendiptiy.
Depth shatters superficial brakes 'why? ' 'when? '
Eden rediscovers, sings amen.
Come heed Pope - Alexander - quoted, he
Marks 'little learning may intoxicate,
Complete immersion serves to liberate.'


Song shows that valentine spreads from July
Along each month to star[t] and end each year,
Nor need heartbroken tears e'er more appear.
Growth seeds truth's passion, soul's respect. Goodbye
Thoughts spiteful or malicious, earn salt sigh.
Open ended invitation shows here
Much joy, no artifice employs, my dear,
Affords redemption from past fears’ failed try.
Glad serve one passion, soul's respect apply.
Thoughts spiteful, drear, malicious draw teared sigh.
Open-ended invitation is shown here.
Much joy, no artifice employs, my dear,
Affords redemption from past. Fears defy!
May future happiness, prepared, deny
All who self-compromise, 'forgiveness' spear
Urging Nth chance though acts stay far from clear.
Destiny comforts love whose head's held high.
Enchantment undisputedly sets scene:
Could extra lines add anything unseen?


Leman Lemon Relativity

May 'rose' today, tomorrow symbolize
All once pomegranate represented?
Unthorned, unexpected rose’ demise,
Destiny preferring lemon scented?
Eternity bears witness as time flies
Many former meanings are repented
As generation challenges, defies,
'Universal truths' plinths uncemented.
Defining lemon love we recognize
Evolution ever discontented,
Modifies, old favorites downsized,
As newer fight for light misrepresented,
Unsatisfactory in any guise,
DEfinitions, reputations dented.


Mars and Venus, meeting, sought to merge
Atmospheres around a common theme,
Unfortunately sharp paradox’s surge
Defied their good intentions, shattered scheme.
Ephemeral engagement into shell
Made haste to shelter, compromising much,
Ambiance electric, ardour’s spell
Unsustained appeared to sight and touch.
Destiny: ‘to be or not to be’
Evanescent effervescence showed,
Mutual attraction’s entry fee
Appeared too high, however gold dreams glowed.
Unsatisfied, will orbits spun apart,
DEclined seems invitation heart to heart.


Time is the key for a lasting story

Joyful circles, spinning, fed, spread ripples,
One April day when Vénus saw Mars’ dance,
Noted nothing strange as magic chance
Advanced, air blew uniting two soul spells.
Tenderness mocked universal laws,
Hearts raced, horizon clear sought linear
Affection, shivers' unburnt pure fire here.
Nature whispered, Vénus’ ears found cause
Responding to Attraction’s dazzling power.
One change remained to print her page with joy
Before her blush with Mars both could enjoy:
Ideal of self-acceptance, hour to flower.
No hesitation then her page would would mar -
MArs’ nights and days she'd share beneath love's star.

Maude Corrieras 22 September 2008

Sonnet CCL

Shall we still interact if at your door
A daily tribute is no longer found?
Next month meet rich rhymes scorned as orphans poor?
Grieve evanescent echoes underground?
The dream to gleam as team, live, die for you,
Over, could I feel? Each playful tune
Must atrophy, ignored, believed untrue,
As bloom doom sent beneath June’s judgment moon?
May rhymes translate into eternity?
Are miracles maintained by mirage brain?
Urgent hope wars against great odds, seeks key
Duet no Callas could interpret. Pain,
Expelled from Eden, would ensue if rhyme
Charmed, bright today, falls prey to callous Time …

Magic Charm's Promised Land

I've further trekked than sunny Spain,
Greece, Oslo, Cairo, Rome,
to the Marquesas, back again,
praised sunsets polychrome.
From Newfoundland to Winnipeg
in Canada ice cold,
Atlanta, Phoenix, Vegas leg
adventured U.S. bold,
yet ne'er before soul sought to gain
new found land underneath starred dome
than when eyes glanced at eyes again
discovering safe home.
On oceans free from tummy pain
I've braved storm winds' flecked foam,
yet never seen such comely reign -
more sweet than honeycomb -
as sapphire [e]Yes which melt will, brain:
the subject of this po'm,
the dream of men since Abel, Cain,
wherever, when, they roam,
Time’s sting retains no mortal pain.
as roads return to Rome,
as serendipity sheds rein
as barricades dissolve,
hope homes to roost free from base bane
as questions answers solve.

Much have I travelled overbold
through rea[l]ms of coloured dreams,
with insight sought what can't with gold
be bought - of light's pure beam
the essence and delight, behold!
In iris fair there gleams
both past and future forward bowled
with incandescent steam,
an energy so long foretold -
hope which to hope did seem
lost, lost until her fire did fold
my heart in fee, I deem.
Here eyes surprise sighs hot and cold,
can Paradise redeem!
For centuries adoring throats
sing praise, seek golden band,
pursue frail grail, or sow wild oats
while countless grains of sand
are ground by time and tide whose boat
so many lives must strand.
Yet one to whom all would devote
existence, faith refanned,
in Nice and Montreal fresh coat
lends - spritely saraband.
Above dark Lethe she shall float
Time’s stings, bark’s rings withstand …
For centuries wise scholars wrote
about some promised land,
they’d often reinvent, misquote
pale rumours secondhand.
For centuries kin[gs] kin[gs] have smote
to win vain beauty's hand,
if these could be reborn their vote
unanimous would stand
for magic charm on whom all dote,
they'd fail to understand
why they beforehand cared a groat
for others with praise bland.
These rhymes remove doubt's overcoat -
spontaneous, unplanned.

27 September 2008

Post Scriptum

Judge not a book by cover royal blue
Or yet by tooling gilt, rag leaves tight pressed,
Nor yet by age which wagers as Time’s fool,
As these soon pass to follow all the rest.
Therefore mistrust the critics – if they knew
Had not they written such by self impressed,
Afore their narrow gauge tracked Lethe’s queue.
Now is forever, taste which seemed the best
Rejoins lost fads forgot by fashions new,
Or hid, unseen, untouched, as such unguessed,
Blind Justice saw unfit for public view.
Is author great ex_spelling former g[u]est,
Now waits in wings it sings yet cannot cue.
Just sample here or there, no order’s needed,
Recalling part by whole may be exceeded.

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