Jonathan ROBIN

Freshman - 544 Points (22 September / London)

Sonnets Beyond Dark And Light - Poem by Jonathan ROBIN

Disparity between Light, Dark, appear
figments of obscure imagination,
insipid blight renounces thinking clear,
inept, senseless, snap examination.
Vibrancy beyond sight's spectrum clear
strives to snuff out distorted information,
punctures disdain, contorted context, seer
penetrates desolation's desecration.
Swift, skyward soar, to savour rapture sheer,
transcend man's shackled earthbound cutthroat nation
seize gracious chance, eradicate reign drear
of stuffy standards! key reverberation
spins atom ballet jaded comatose
envisage not, fear ominous, book close.

Preposterous opinions insincere
seek some concrete differenciation
between Light, Dark, Good, Evil, fixed frontier,
hidebound, unassailable explanation.
Through magic, mystery's dark hemisphere
often offers reconciliation
between known and unknown, sideshows switch gear
pull stop, cue universal syncopation.
Up-with-the-lark and slipshod, far and near,
meet, tale complete, as life's hallucination
tails to its close for commoner and peer,
torch taken up by each new generation.
Sophisticated, simple, Fate's dice throws
together, sable, white, unite, pulse slows.

Light dawns from night, foreboding disappears,
consoles, soothes exile's trials and tribulations,
infidel who surface shadows spears,
faithless, feeble, full of trepidation.
False fears ensnare blind minds, bind, domineer,
pestilence that needs inoculation,
infectious yet inadequate, they steer
manifest search for misplaced adulation.
Notorious noxious countenance no cheer
spreads, splatters venemous recrimination,
flicker fades, malfeasant none revere
predestined to diminish, lose rank, station.
Thief time can rhyme relief, from hex grief grows
new leaf, buds scarlet, mauve, each hue bright glows.

Confession, repentance, yin yang, birth berth bier,
offer mirror image advocation
to rigid minds which lend an echo ear
to slander lullaby's discrimination.
Right, wrong, weak, strong, joy's smile, rile's silent tear,
are mirage traps in causal confrontation
between synaptic links that feed on fear,
ink fate, in turn annoint, cremate elation.
States seeming separate, steam, air, ice here,
there water, change, each, every alteration
highlights insights into mind sets queer,
ice splinters set apart from condensation.
All's in, through all, ends meet, time, cryptic, flows
to liquify, freeze, recompose, disclose.

Ambition's tarnished silver-plate veneer
spotlights illusive vain anticipation
pride's tide's immobilized in mid career,
stalled stalemate, threadbare fall, deceleration.
Loyalty when treachery is near,
finds role reversals lead to altercation,
unguarded peace of mind's elusive, hear
'Good', 'Evil', labelled, need redesignation.
Thus if light grows through night, from terror, fear,
from baneful darkness, disincorporation,
beyond black hole may stalwart spirit steer
fresh course for consciousness' reincarnation.
Through maleficient infamy's dark woes
seed resevoir for freedom's flourish shows.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

(11 January 2010)

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